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What Is Reverse Address Lookup?

A reverse address lookup is a service to help individuals locate information on the ownership of a property. This service requires individuals to put the number and street information of a property into the search engine. It will then provide information about the owner of that property. This tool can be helpful in a number of different instances, but it is nearly always beneficial when individuals need to know who lives at a certain location. It does have limitations. The information can also be outdated. For the most part, it can provide important information useful for various genealogy and family history searches, as well as for many independent needs.

A reverse address lookup can help individuals to learn the name of a person who owns a piece of real estate. This may be necessary in numerous instances. For example, those who are buying a new home may wish to learn who the neighbors are before they actually agree to make the purchase. In other situations, it is an important tool for locating past owners of a piece of real estate. Some people use the search to learn more about the previous owners of their current home. The information provided can date back significantly and answer many of the questions individuals are looking for.

Property records are another type of search that can help in this way. When it is necessary to learn information about a piece of real estate, a formal records search may be necessary. This type of search can provide information such as the previous owner’s name, address, and potentially a current address if one is on file. However, reverse address lookup services may not provide much more than the name of the person owning the property and potentially some information about the property further to identify it.

The use of a reverse address lookup can be very easy to use. The only information needed to gather necessary information from this resource is the address of the location, including the city and state it is located in. Once that information is provided, a name may be displayed. From that point, some searches and services will offer additional reports or records searches on the individual, including a full records search for any information contained in the public arena.

In some cases, a reverse address lookup will provide some basic information about the property itself. This may include information about the property’s size, value or layout. In other situations, these reports will provide details about the previous ownership of the property. This information can help to locate family members or friends when the name of the person is not known but where they lived is. The information on these records comes from public records. These are records available to the public as a whole. However, searching the right database may be necessary in order to gather this information for reporting. Keep in mind that the use of a reverse address lookup can provide limited information, no information or even outdated information in some situations.

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