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What Are Reverse Address Records?

Reverse address records can provide information about a person’s address if only the address is known. In many situations, people need to find an address for someone and will perform a records search to obtain that information. This type of search can reveal the  mailing address of the person, for example. However, in some instances, an individual will have the mail address but may not have the name that goes along with it. Through a reverse address record, he or she can find that information clearly.

A reverse address record may become important to gather in many situations. The most common scenario occurs when an individual wishes to learn who is sending information or requesting information without including a specific name. For example, if a company requests personally identifying information for an individual to be sent through the mail, this can be worrisome. Performing a reverse address lookup will provide information about who owns that address, operates in it or is otherwise using it. This can help to minimize the instances of fraud that many experience.

A reverse address record can contain information only if there is some database that offers it. Mailing addresses and real estate records can help. Any database containing the physical address of a location can be helpful in gathering this type of information. This may include government agencies, real estate records at the county level, birth and death records as well as other vital records and business records. The database will hold information that comes from various other databases and provide a report back in detail to the requestor.

The problem with some reverse address records is incomplete or outdated information. Once a person moves from that location, the address may not be updated within all databases and main remain on file. This can cause conflicting information about the address to be in the public eye. In addition, information about the previous owners of the property or previous users of the property may be included. In some cases, this is the information the requestor is looking for – information regarding the previous users of the address. It is important to look for any dates to verify the use of these records, though.

The gathering of reverse address records can be done through the various online databases. The most accurate records will include information from a variety of sources including various organizations, businesses, postal records and personal records. To verify information, consult a property records search of the real estate establishment. This can tell the individual about all previous owners or other notations of the property including any liens or civil judgments involved in the property records.

Reverse address records are excellent tools for verification of information. These records, when available, can answer a question about who owns real estate or who lives in the facility. However, it is only accurate if the databases it uses to verify this information are up to date. These types of searches can be conducted online to make the process very simple.

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