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What Are People Searches?

People searches are an important tool for many. These resources can provide a range of information about an individual. Most often, these records can answer questions about a person’s location, his or her birth and death records and other vital information. The information contained in them does vary considerably, though. In short, this type of database search can help people to find others based on what information is available in public or government databases. For those with questions about family members, these resources can be very helpful.


The most basic type of people search is a local lookup service. Simply adding the individual’s name into the database can pull up information such as the person’s address or phone number. This information is only available if there are government records that provide it. For example, if the individual is on a do not call list or their phone number is listed as private, the information may not be available there. The information is often only basic information.


It is also possible to conduct a more thorough people search. Other databases can provide information that is more personal on individuals when that information is available to the public. This may include information on the birth, death, marriage and divorce of the individual. The department of health or vital records within the state often maintains this information. Marriage and divorce records are often on file with local organizations or may be available through the local courts. Because this information is open to the public, it is accessible through a database search in many instances.


People searches can become even more detailed in some situations. If there are other files on the individual, these may be available to the public as well. For example, if the individual is a member of a professional organization with open ranks, this information could pop up on a records search. More commonly, these types of records searches can reveal information about an individual’s criminal history if one exists. This information may include data such as the person’s convictions and arrests, the charges he or she faced, the outcome of the court hearing and even where and when the individual was incarcerated. In order to find these more detailed level searches, individuals should look for the data through other means, including using a criminal records search.


Every state sets the rules on what type of information is considered open to the public. The more information that is made open to the public, the more accessible that person becomes online. This is possible both while the person is living and after he or she is dead. A people search can reveal information about someone who has died several hundred years ago in some cases. When that happens, it helps to answer the questions some have about past family names or property ownership. The type of information contained in people searches can help others to find long lost loved ones or help to establish information for legal matters.

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