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What Is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a means for locating a person who is missing. For many people, this is a serve that is not necessary to use. However, for others, it can […]

What Are Property Tax Records?

Property tax records are documents maintained by the taxing authority of any county. In most states, counties are responsible for collecting taxes and maintaining tax records. In some states, cities […]

What Are Property Records?

Property records are often linked to a specific piece of real estate. These records list the name of the current owner and the location of the property. Since real estate […]

What Are Inmate Records?

Inmate records provide information about those who were or are incarcerated. Incarceration occurs prior to or during a person’s punishment after being found guilty of a criminal action. Each state […]

What Are Lien and Civil Judgment Records?

Records of liens and civil judgments are kept on file with the court system that processed them. A lien is an action a creditor takes when an individual fails to […]

What Are Military Records?

Military records are often kept for those individuals who serve in the military in some form. The United States military has been keeping these types of detailed records since the […]

What Are Obituary Records?

Obituary records may provide an opportunity to learn about the death of others. An obituary occurs when a person dies. His or her family will create the obit and post […]

What Are Bankruptcy Records?

Bankruptcy records are a notation that an individual or couple filed bankruptcy within a court of law. Bankruptcy is the act of requesting debt forgiveness in exchange for a reduction […]

What Are Federal Court Dockets?

Federal court dockets can provide a great deal of information to those who wish to learn more about a court proceeding. When an individual is involved in a federal court […]

What Are Arrest Records?

Obtaining copies of arrest records may be possible in some states. An arrest record occurs when an individual is arrested for any type of crime. These records are formal documentation, […]

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