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Pennsylvania Drivers License
  • Suspension Information and resources Restoring your Driving Privilege. Getting your vehicle registration back. How to get an Occupational Limited License, How to get a Probationary License. Ignition Interlock. The Pennsylvania Point System, Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act (MCSIA) Regulations, Forms, Facts and FAQs.
  • Buying a Vehicle Information that will assist you with the proper procedures when buying a vehicle in Pennsylvania. Acceptable Proof of Ownership Documents. Buying a Used Vehicle with a Pennsylvania Title. Buying a Used Vehicle with an Out of State Title. Department of Revenue: Motor Vehicle Understated Value Program and more.
  • Persons With Disability Parking Placard/Registration Plate Defining a “Person with Disability Parking Placard. What are the benefits. Types of Placards. Who is eligible. How to apply for an original placard. How to Renew a Placard. How do I obtain a parking space in front of my residence. Who is a licensed health care provider and other instructions.
  • Selling a Vehicle Acceptable Proof of Ownership Documents. Selling a New Vehicle. Department of Revenue: Motor Vehicle Understated Value Program. Certificate of Salvage and more related information.

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