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Ways to Obtain DMV Records in Washington
In the state of Washington, the Department of Licensing provides access to driver records. Anyone that has a Washington state driver's license will have a record. This record provides information about the person's driving history. It is possible for individuals to obtain a copy of their driver record. This information is important to check to ensure it is accurate. There are several ways for individuals to do that.
Types of Driving Records
There are several types of driving records available through the Department of Licensing. Those include:
  • A complete driving record is used for any official need and contains a person's entire Washington driving history.
  • A three-year driver abstract provides information spanning three years and is used for insurance purposes.
  • An employment driving record provides information about a person's driving record for the past three years and is specifically designed for use in background checks for pre-employment.
  • Volunteer driver records are another type of record. This type of record contains information about a person's driving record as it applies to volunteer organizations.
  • A school bus driver record is a specific type obtained only by schools to verify the driving history of a school bus driver.
Once you know the type of driver record needed, it is then possible to choose the best methods for obtaining it.
One of the options for obtaining a Washington driver record is to request a copy online. This can be done at the Washington Department of Licensing's website. Before this can happen, a person will need to establish an account on the website using his or her driver's license number, social security number, and the type of record necessary. There is also a $13 fee applied here.
In Person
It is possible to obtain a copy of a Washington driver record by going to any of the state's licensing offices. These are available throughout the state in most large cities. An individual will need to complete Form DR-500-009, which is a Driving Record Request. This document will require providing the full, legal name, driver's license number, and date of birth of the individual. If it is used by an insurer or an attorney, a written request is necessary.
In the Mail
It is also possible to obtain a copy of a driver record in the mail. To do this, an individual will need to complete the same form, the Driving Record Request Form DR-500-009. This will include all identifying information and will also ask for the type of record desired. It can then be mailed to Driver Records, Department of Licensing, P.O. Box 3907, Seattle, Washington98124-3907. There is a $13 fee for obtaining this record in this manner.
For those who do have an error on their Washington driver record, it is possible to request that it be removed. To do that, individuals should visit their local Department of Licensing office. It is also possible to call the agency at 360-902-3900 to request more information and for clarification.
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