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Ways to Obtain a DMV Record in Virginia
A driver record is a document that details a specific driver's history of driving, including any information about a person's accidents and moving violations. In the state of Virginia, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles manages these records. It provides them, upon request, to multiple agencies and individuals. It is important to maintain these records to ensure they are accurate. Because they can have an implication for employment or insurance needs.

The Type of Driver Record

The first step is to obtain a copy of the right type of driver record. There are several versions including a certified and a non-certified version. Here are several options available:
  • Personal use records will span 11 years of driver history. They can only be used for personal needs.
  • Employment-related records span sevenyears. They are often used as a part of background screenings and employee verification.
  • Insurance driver records span five years. They are used just by insurance agencies.
  • A habitual offender restoration record goes back 11 years and provides information to the courts about a person's driver record.
Once you know what type of record is necessary, you can then access it in one of several ways.

Obtain It Online

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle's website offers an access point for drivers who wish to obtain a copy of their driver record. To access it, individuals will need to create an account with the Virginia MyDMV Online System. To do this, you will need to have your driver's license number and social security number. From there, you will pay the associated fee for the report and download it (you can print it from this screen as well).

Obtain It In Person

The next step is to obtain the document in person. Individuals can visit any Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle office to gather this information. You will need to have your personal identification including your driver's license. Then, it is necessary to complete Form CRD 93, the Virginia Information Request form. There are fees associated with obtaining this report as well.

Obtain it in the Mail

The next option is to make a request for the driver record in the mail. First, complete Virginia Information Request Form CRD 93. Then, provide a written request with your full name, social security number, and the request outlined. This, along with the fee, is mail to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, Attention: Vehicle (Driver) Records Work Center, P.O. Box 27412, Richmond, Virginia 23269.
The fees for obtaining these documents varies based on the type of record it is. An uncertified record that is obtained in the mail or in person has a fee of $9. An uncertified document obtained online has a fee of $8. For any certified copy, thereis an additional fee of $5.
Drivers should take the time to verify their record on a routine basis especially if they have moving violations or points on your license or you plan to apply for a job.
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