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Ways to Obtain DMV Records in Oregon
In Oregon, there are several ways for an individual to receive a copy of his or her driving record. This drivers record contains important information that many employers and insurers want to know. You can obtain a copy of it from the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (ODMV).

Choose the Right Form

The organization provides several forms of these report.
  • A non-employment driving record provides information from the past three years including diversion agreements, traffic accidents, and convictions. This is a certified document.
  • An open-ended, non-employment driving record is only available to you, your insurance company or any support organization. It is certified as well.
  • Employment driving record, which provides a certified history of your driving record for the past three years including employment-related convictions and accidents, out of state and in state CDL entries, and other aspects.
  • Certified court print is another option that will include major traffic offense convictions, diversion agreements, alcohol-related rehabilitation entries over 10 years, CDL instances, convictions for minor offenses, and any revocations or suspensions of your license.

Obtaining a Copy of Your Oregon Driver's Record

You can obtain a copy of your record in several ways. However, you cannot obtain this information online.
You can obtain your record locally. You will need to visit one of the local ODMV offices to do this. Most will process driver's records requests at that time. To access the information, you will need to complete Form 735-7266, which allows you to order a copy of your report. You will also need to provide identification to support your claim Ė not just anyone can obtain a copy of these reports.
You can also get a copy of your driverís record through the mail. To do this, complete the form 735-7266 to complete the written request. You will need to list the type of document you are requesting and provide your name, date of birth, address, and driver's license number. You can mail this to the address provided on the form or to Oregon DMV, Attn: Record Services, 1905 Lana Ave NE, Salem, OR 97314.

You Will Need to Pay a Fee

The fees to obtaining a driver's record in Oregon range significantly based on the type of document you are requesting. Most of these reports have fees that range from $1.50 up to $3. However, if you need a suspension package document, this costs $11.50. A certified, traffic accident and insurance information record, commonly used after an accident, costs $13.50 for a certified copy. Additionally, a driverís license and identification card application history costs $17.50. All of this information is listed on the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services website.
If you find an error in your documents, the best way to make corrections to them is to visit a local Oregon DMV office. This information will require verification, and it can take some time to prove the information is incorrect. However, doing this in person tends to be the easiest option.
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