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Ways to Obtain DMV Records in Ohio
Obtaining a copy of your driving record in Ohio is possible through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). In Ohio, this is called a driver abstract. It provides detailed information about your driving history and license status. It will specifically list information about any violations you've had over the past three years, though it does not maintain long-term records. Individuals should consider obtaining a copy of their driver's record on a regular basis to ensure it is accurate. There are a few ways to do that.

Visit a Local BMV Office

Throughout Ohio, local BMV offices are available to residents. It is possible to visit these locations to obtain a copy of your driving abstract in Ohio. When you do, you'll be able to choose between two versions.
  • A certified copy is one that will provide information spanning three years. It is verified by the BMV. This is the type of file often desired by employers, insurance agencies, and other companies to verify your driving status and violations.
  • An unofficial copy is also available. This option is available in person but limits information to just two years.
In Ohio, there is no charge for obtaining these records in person. The BMV does not require you to pay a fee to access this information.

Obtain an Ohio Driver's Record Online

It is possible to get a copy of your driver's abstract online in Ohio. Again, there is a charge for accessing this information. To order a copy of your certified report, you will need to pay a fee of $8.50. This can be done using a credit card or debit card.
If you want a certified copy, you will need to request this (which can be done online, by mail, or in person) and it will be mailed to you. You can do this at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles website, called OPLATES.
To access a copy of your driver's access online, you will need to have your driver's license number and the last four digits of your social security number. A certified copy of the report can be accessed online and then sent to you in the mail.
The Ohio BMV also allows you to obtain a free copy of your driver's record. This is an unofficial (non-certified) form. There is no charge for this. You can use your driver's license number and social security number to access the report online. You can print it from that point.
It is possible to obtain a copy by mail. Use the OBMV Record Request form, Form BMV 1173, to make this request. There is a $5 fee for accessing this information by mail.
It is possible to obtain the Ohio driver's record of another person. However, you will need to have a letter stating their consent to this. You can also make a valid public request if you plan to use the information to verify employment information, for research, or for marketing purposes as defined by all.
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