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North Carolina- Ways to Obtain DMV Records in North Carolina
In North Carolina, residents are able to obtain a copy of their driving record. This document provides information about your driving history including any details about your license, moving violations you've committed, and any serious violations or fines related to your driving history. It is important for individuals to obtain a copy of this for their personal needs to verify it is accurate. Employers may also request a copy of it.
How to Obtain a Driver's Record
The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles provides access to an individual's driving record. It contains information related to a person's driver's license, including its current status, expiration information, driver convictions, traffic-related accidents, and other violations. Most commonly, this document can be useful for legal proceedings, insurance claims and adjustments, and background checks. There are several methods of obtaining it.
Online Access to an NC Driver's Record
It is possible to obtain a copy of a person's driver's record online. Both a certified and non-certified option are available. If you order a certified copy online, it will take about 7 to 10 business days to process and be sent to you. Non-certified options can be printed online. To access this record, visit the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle's website. You will need to supply a driver's license number, the individual's date of birth, social security number, and payment. Keep in mind that individuals will need to create an account on the site as a first step.
There is a fee related to obtaining this record. A certified driver record costs $14. A non-certified driving record costs $10. The website takes credit card and debit card payments.
Obtaining a Record in Person
A second option is to visit a local DMV location. You can walk into any of these locations during operating hours to request a copy of your driver's record. You will need to show identification, including all of the information requested above.
Obtaining a Record in the Mail
It is possible to request a copy of your driver's record through the mail. To do this, you will need to download a copy of the Driver Privacy Protection Act Request Form from the DMV website. Follow the instructions there to complete it. You will also need to submit payment for the document as well.
What Information Is on Your North Carolina Driver's Record?
The driver's record you obtain from the North Carolina DMV will include:
  • Your driver's license number and status of your driver's license
  • The expiration date of your license.
  • Any felony convictions you have.
  • All traffic accidents and violations you have.
  • The number of points you have on your license.
  • All information about suspensions, revocations, or cancellations of your driver's license in the past.
A certified copy can be used to verify information from insurance companies or employers. These documents can also be appealed if there is an error on them. You can do this in person at the local DMV office.
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