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Ways to Obtain DMV Records in New York
Gathering information about a driver's history in New York requires a few simple steps. A personal driving record in New York provides information about the infractions of a driver. Those without any moving violations or other driving-related incidents may not have this type of documentation. It is important for individuals to obtain copies of their driving record and to ensure that the information on it is accurate. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles, or New York DMV, provides for the management of these records and for any other information related to driver actions.

What Information Is on Your New York Driver's Record?

This document will be a copy of your file with the DMV. It includes any information about your driving history. It will include the status of your driver's license. This includes indications of your driver's license being:
  • Valid (current)
  • Expired
  • Suspended (details of the suspension including the date are provided)
  • Revoked
The driver's record will also include information about any points you've earned. Points occur when a driver is found guilty of moving violations. This includes instances such as reckless driving, driving under the influence, and speeding.
The record will document all:
  • Tickets you've obtained.
  • All accidents you've been involved in (both those you are responsible for, and those you were not)
  • Details of any violations you've had.
  • All fines owed or recently paid.
Your driver's license and your driving record in New York will not include information about your social security number. This is not meant to work as verification of your identification.

Choose the Right Type of Driving Record

When ordering a driver record, you will need to detail which type is necessary. The options available include:
  • A certified driving record abstract (this is the term used by the New York DMV for driving records), which includes your personal identification information, driver information, driving history information, and any alcohol or drug-specific convictions. This document is certified.
  • A masked driving record abstract which does not reveal personal information but does include the class and status of the license, endorsements, and restrictions as well as moving violations and accident history.
  • Non-certified driving record abstracts will include all information on a certified copy but is not verified.

Obtaining the New York DMV Driver Record

The most direct method for obtaining a copy of driving records in New York is to visit a local DMV office. These are located in many communities throughout the state. In order to obtain a copy of these driving records, individuals must request their own it is not possible to obtain a copy of just anyone's record without their permission. To verify your identity, you will need to have your New York driver's license.
Additionally, you can use the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle's website to request a copy. There is a $10 fee for all records received in person and mailed to you. A non-certified, downloaded version from the website costs $7 to obtain.
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