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New Hampshire - Ways to Obtain DMV Records
Whether you are checking your driverís license records to see if any points can be removed or to confirm the tickets applied to your record, this is a straightforward process. Whether urgent or not, these are the various ways in which you can check the information and clarify the accuracy.

Do you need your driverís information urgently?

You can apply for your driving record through the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles. To apply directly to this department, they offer a download PDF Release of Motor Vehicle Records form. There are a variety of small fees depending upon the information that you require. Should you require the records of another driver, the form must be signed by a Notary Public/Justice of the Peace.
There is no facility to order your driving record online. You can only pay by check or money order. A credit or debit card option is not available.
For a slightly higher fee, you can use an outside partner or agency who can provide you with instant access to your information, as opposed to waiting for a paper record from the State Department.
By using an agency to file for the information of your driverís license records you can pay by credit card.

Your Driving Record data

The division of motor vehicles offers drivers a record of accident reports, detailed drivers records, and letters of verification. The latter provides license history, current status, and the issue date.
When you receive your driving history, it will include information about traffic citations and convictions. Any suspensions or revocations will be listed along with the date of any licensethat was restored.
Where an accident was your fault, the data will be recorded in your history.
Your identity is confirmed on your driving record as it provides your full current and previous names, together with your data birth, address, New Hampshire ID number and any salient insurance information.
Three different types of driving records can be provided by the state. The first record is useful for providing information to insurance companies. A noncertified driverís record is available for your own use, whereas a certified driver record is good for legal and court use.
Where you are required to complete a background screening check before being accepted by a new employer, they can check your driving record. They cannot complete this task without your consent being first sought and agreed.

Which points can you remove from your driving record?

Accumulated points from any convictions following traffic violations will remain on your driverís record for 3 years. You can apply, on a downloadable PDF, to have the points removed after the conclusion of the 3 years.
For any other inaccuracies that you find on your driving record, you must use the same form to notify the State Department of any suggested changes.
Depending upon your specific requirements for searching your DVM records in New Hampshire, you will be able to choose a method that provides you with all you want in a timescale that meets your needs.
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