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Nebraska - Ways to Obtain DMV Records
Obtaining your driving record to check the status of your driverís license may be important to you. You can examine the record for accuracy in confirming traffic accidents where you were at fault; your points and any violations. You can use the regular service or a quicker option should you need the information urgently. This is how you process through the systems.

Is it important to get your data quickly?

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles provides access to driver and vehicle records. You can search for a driverís record online or use a download PDF application form to apply for your driving record.
You can apply in person or by mail and pay a small fee, paying by check or money order. They will send your record by mail. This will not be the quickest method for you to be able to see and use detailed information about your driving record.
Should you require the information urgently, you can make use of an agency or partner who can provide you with online, detailed records instantly, having paid your fees by credit or debit card. Once your account is available for use, you can check the data regularly.

Will you see all your driving record?

Your Nebraska driving record is more detailed than some other states. Apart from the standard information which includes your name, date of birth and address, your physical description of hair color and eye color is also included.
Information includes your license number, the date of issue and the expiration date.
The record will show the class of license you currently hold and have previously held and a list of any endorsements. Should your license have ever been revoked, suspended or remains valid, this will be shown.
Any restrictions on your driving, suspensions or revocations will form part of your status update, as will any traffic accidents you have been involved in whether they were your fault or not.
All points on your driverís license will be listed, along with convictions and detailed information about those events.
You can apply for a five-year overview of your driving history or a complete driving record which shows your entire driving history from when you first became able to drive legally.
A wide list of individuals, including those who have notarizedwritten consent from the driver, are able to apply to look at your full driving record. This includes businesses, researchers, insurance companies, private investigators, employers and any law enforcement and court agencies.

How can you update the points on your driverís license?

When you move to a different state, you can apply for a clearance letter from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. This will provide you with access to your driving history so that you may apply for a license in your new state.
You can apply to have your records updated by using a download PDF form.
Using the rapid or standard procedures you can choose how you view your DMV records in Nebraska to check their accuracy and update where necessary.
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