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Missouri - Ways to Obtain DMV Records
You can use a regular system or seek a faster alternative to clarify the status of your driving record, connected to your driverís license. By checking the information for accuracy, you may be able to update and reduce your driving record points while examining the details of any listed traffic law violations, traffic accidents or convictions. Here is the way in which you can check your record.

Quick or Slow Access to Information?

The Missouri Department of Revenue allows you to request your driverís record with or without personal information.
The application fee is under $5. You can pay by money order, check, cash or credit or debit card when you apply in person, but you cannot pay by cash when you complete the transaction by mail.
There is no facility for you to apply online directly to the government department.
For a much quicker response and immediate delivery, you can use an agency or an approved partner. For a reasonable fee, they will provide all the email and phone support you may need as well as an instant delivery, online, of your complete driverís record.
Where you have inquired with the Missouri DOR for a record including personal information, you will have completed a form which is a request for a security access code. You will need to use this access code to inspect your driving record and any personal information to clarify the accuracy.
Requiring the security access code first certainly slows the procedure to gain access to your information. The system is not required when you use an outside agency or partner as they have direct access to the system, but you will need to have proved who you are and why you require the information.

Is all your driving record information available?

Using your state system, the basic record will include details about violations and speeding tickets. You can apply in person, by mail or by using a fax machine.
Where you offer your personal information, the report is available in person, by mail and fax. The same form is used when you decide to apply for another individualís driving record. The personal information will include full details of name, address, date of birth, height, eye color and weight. A photograph will be included as will any information about medical disabilities that form a restriction on the driving license.
The record will also include your social security and phone number, and this will be available to anyone who has authority to inspect your driverís record and see your personal information.

Updating your driving record

A points system is used for speeding tickets, violations and other convictions on your driving record. Where you believe there is an error on your record, you can email or phone the Missouri DOR Motor-Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division to ask them to correct the record which they will complete when they have investigated and confirmed your inquiry.
Checking your DVM records in Mississippi is straightforward and can provide you with accurate information related to your driverís license and record. You can update the information where necessary and applicable.
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