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Mississippi - Ways to Obtain DMV Records
When you can check your driverís license information through a simple system, with a quicker option should your needs become urgent, accuracy is vital. You will be able to see if your driving record can be updated and clarify the information about traffic accidents and law violations is correct. These and other ways are for you to be able to check your record.

Does fast access to your data help your circumstances?

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety will provide your driving record for a small fee, and by paying a little more, you can use an approved partner or agency to offer you the information immediately.
You can apply for a noncertified driverís record online, and where you require a certified version, you must apply by mail or in person. You cannot order the driving record of another individual online as this process can only be completed by mail or in person.
By forwarding your driverís license number, name, date of birth and paying the credit card fee of $11 (check for accuracy) you will receive a copy of your driving record through the mail. When you apply by mail, you will need to enclose a self-addressed and stamped envelope.
A consent to release records form is required when you attend in person whether you require your own record or that of another individual.
Where you require your driverís record urgently, the agency or partner service provides immediate data and information but will cost slightly more than the state version.
This method provides you with support by phone or email should you need to check and understand any of the data provided. Where you are prepared to wait for the information, the Department of Public Safety will cost less, but it will not be as easy to process the data through the system and for you to obtain the information.
The data on your Driving Record
When you receive your driving record, it will contain information that includes your address and date of birth. Importantly, the date you applied and the current status of your driving license will be attached.
There will be details listing any automobile accidents and lists of suspensions or revocations where applicable. Mississippi DUI reports will also appear within this record with specific details about all traffic violations and convictions.

Is it time to remove points from your driving record?

Without an official points system within the State of Mississippi, your record will show traffic violations and accident information. Where you accumulate high numbers of traffic violations or are convicted of a dangerous driving incident, your record may show that you have been suspended or the license revoked.
Without a points system, violations and convictions will stay on your driving record forever.
Updating your DMV records in Mississippi is important to you which is why you need to check the accuracy of the data to ensure it is correct and accurate. The method you use to check and update your system is simple and your own choice.
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