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Michigan - Ways to Obtain DMV Records
When you need to check your driving record and the status of your driverís license urgently, there is a process exactly right for you. An alternate procedure is available when the data is not required instantly. Checking the data confirming any traffic accidents where you have been at fault, lists of any traffic law violations and convictions are readily available when you use either system.

Is accessing your information quickly important to you?

Your own certified driving record is available from the State of Michigan, Secretary of State. By paying $12 (check for updates) and showing your driving license, you can access your record at any branch office.
You can pay by cash, check, money orders or credit or debit cards.
A same day service is available at the Secondary Complex in Lansing when you make inquiries for another individualís record. The same day service is usually available, but may be excluded if there are specific circumstances where they need to delay the release of the record.
You can also apply by mail, fax or telephone. The information will only be mailed to the address shown on your record.
By paying a slightly higher fee to an agency or approved partner you can gain immediate access to your record, ask questions by phone or email to use support services. This system is easy and quick to process and can be completed online.

Which driving records are accessible?

You can receive an unofficial driving record that will not be certified and is usually sufficient when you check your own personal record.
A certified driving record is available, and this will be accepted, unlike the unofficial driving record, by employers, potential future employers and authorized individuals from the legal sector.
The record will show accidents where you were convicted of a violation. It will also list any moving violations and the points you received.
DUI violations and tickets for civil violations are also included within your record.

How can you update your driving record?

The state uses a points system where 2 points are added for minor violations and up to 6 for more dangerous offenses. The maximum number of points on your record cannot exceed 12 during a two-year period. Reaching this total means that your driving record will register that yourlicense has been suspended, revoked or denied.
Moving violation points records remain on your record for 2 years whereas tickets and other convictions will remain on your record for 7 years. Revocations and suspensions are available on the record for 10 years, while convictions for a fatality and DUI convictions remain on your record forever.
Points can be removed from your driving record by completing a basic driverís improvement course. Minor points violations will not be shown to insurance companies when you have completed the course effectively.
Once you understand how to obtain your DMV records in Michigan, you can clarify the accuracy of the data so that you can update where possible and present the information required, having sourced it from your own method of choice.
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