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Ways to Obtain DMV Records in Massachusetts
Being able to check the status of your driverís license may be important to you for a variety of reasons. You may need to check to see if the records held are accurate. You may want to produce the information to a potential employer or you may choose to check that you can qualify for a job that rejects candidates based upon specific violations, points, convictions or fines. So where do you go to check your status?

Quick or Slow Access to Information?

You can choose your stateís Registry of motor vehicles (RMV) and pay a small $6 fee (check for updates as this charge may change in the future) to receive basic information or use an approved partner that will charge slightly more but provide you with more detailed information, faster and more efficiently.
Should you be considering changing your auto insurance policy, be involved in a legal process where your information is required or ensuring that your personal information is correct as you protect yourself against identity theft, you will need the full account of information.
You will have to decide whether you are going to apply for a noncertified unattested driving record or whether you need a test of driving records, certified by the registry so that they may be used in court proceedings. The certified version costs $14 more.
You can access your own driving information online, by phone, by mail or in person. Should you wish to access the record for another individual you can apply by mail, in person or online.
Where you choose a fully certified driving record and are not present at the RMV office, you will have to wait 10 business days to receive detailed information.
By using an agency to access your information you may be provided with email and phone support. The procedure is rapid and simple to process and you will see information about points and code interpretations.

Your Driving Record Information

When you access your driving record you will be provided with personal information that details your name, date of birth and driverís license number.
The data will include full information about any previous traffic violations; details about any traffic accidents where you were found at fault and any history of relevant information when driving out-of-state.

Removing Points from Your Driving Record

To help update your suspended license for presentable purposes you can apply to reinstate your driverís license in Massachusetts after paying a $100 fee.
This will depend upon the number and type of speeding tickets and violations that have been attached to your driving record. Should you have accumulated 3 tickets for speeding, 3 violations or combination of 7 events, your license may be suspended for anywhere between 30 and 90 days.
Points can be removed from your record as events move further into the past of your driving history.
Whether you choose to obtain your driving record online, by mail, by phone or in person, you will need to supply your driverís license number, your full name, your date of birth and your Social Security number. After making the payment by credit card, cash, checks or money orders were applicable, you will be able to assess your driving record and make contact if you believe any of the information is incorrect.
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