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DMV Records for Idaho Motorists
Idaho drivers may sometimes need to obtain DMV information like motor vehicle reports or driving records. It's important to check the accuracy of your records from time to time. In fact, with so much identity theft going on, someone could register a vehicle in your name and cause you a world of problems if you didn't know about it. You can visit the Idaho Department of Transportation website for more info or use a third-party service that specializes in getting your records to you quickly and easily. Here are some important things to know about obtaining your Idaho DMV records.

Why View Your Records?

Besides identity theft, errors on your record can cost you. Even though it's rare, it's possible for people to make mistakes and erroneous info can cause your auto insurance premiums to go up and prevent you from getting a commercial driving job. Errors may affect your driving privileges also. When you check your records for errors, you can eliminate many problems before they happen.

What Records Can I Request?

You may request an Idaho driver license record or motor vehicle record. You can access both records online if you sign up for an account. For a $95.00 annual fee, you can access a wide range of info including:
  • Crash reports
  • Over legal permits
  • UCC lien filings
  • Registration renewals

Driver License Record

To get your DL record, you must fill out form ITD 3120. You may order either three-year or complete DL records with this form. The fee structure is as follows:
  • DLR - $7.00
  • Photocopy - $7.00 for each document
  • Certified DLR - $21.00
  • DLR and file document copies - $14.00

Mail the completed form to:

" Driver Services Idaho Transportation Department, PO Box 34, Boise ID 83731-0034"
The form also lists fax, phone, and email address contact info.
Idaho Motor Vehicle Records
Motor vehicle record access requires a form ITD 3374. Fees are as follows:
  • Current title - $7.00
  • Title history - $14.00
  • Record summary - $7.00
  • Liability release - $7.00
  • Present registration - $7.00
  • Registration history - $7.00
  • Certification - additional $14.00
You can pay with a money order, check, or charge card. The mailing address is the same as the Driver Record address. You may also bring the form to a local DMV, which you can locate by visiting page Your records may be emailed or faxed to you also.

Who Can View Idaho DMV Records?

Here are some reasons for outside entities accessing your records:
  • For driver safety issues
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement
  • Businesses verifying your information
  • Court system
  • Official research organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Vehicle impounding services
  • Private investigators
  • Employee screenings
  • Transportation facilities
  • Personal requests
  • Written consent
Due to privacy laws, your photo and personal info will not be released unless you consent.

Error Corrections

If you find any wrong information on your reports, you may contact the Idaho DOT by calling 1-208-334-8736. You can also contact them via email at
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