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Ways to Obtain DMV Records in Georgia
Have you checked out your Georgia DMV records lately? Although most state records are accurate, occasionally someone can make a mistake or entry error. If you don't know about these problems, your insurance company may raise your premiums due to info on your driving record. When applying for work, it's important to make sure that potential employers get the correct information about your driving when they perform background checks. How can you get your DMV records in Georgia? You can use a third-party vendor to make the process easy or do it yourself and check out the Georgia Department of Driver Services website.

Who Can Request My DMV Records?

You can request your driving records or MVR (motor vehicle records). Someone can sign a release for you to access his or her records. Government agencies and attorneys working on legal matters that concern you may access your records. Insurance companies checking out claims or rates are also qualified to access records.

What Records are Available?

You can choose a certified or non-certified copy of your driving (MVR) records. Both three-year and seven-year records are available.

Options for Obtaining Records

Go to a local customer service center and get your report in person. This link will take you to a page with all the available locations in Georgia. You can mail in a request or use the online portal. You may use online third-party record providers too.

In Person Services

Go to your service center and request a copy of your MVR. Three-year record fees are $6.00, and eight-year records cost $8.00. You'll need to show proper ID. If you are requesting an MVR for someone else, you must have a signed release from that person. To make the process easier, you can fill out a Form DDS-18. You cannot use copies of releases as they must be the originals. The release must contain the complete name, driver's license number, and birth date of the person you want the records for.


Mail fees are the same as "in person fees." You can use Form DDS-18 or a letter with a request for a seven or three-year records. Make sure to include personal info like full name, birth date, DL number, home address, and a stamped and self-addressed envelope. Make payments out to the Department of Driver Services. Credit card, cashier's checks, personal checks, and money orders are accepted. Mail your form or letter to:

"Georgia Department of Driver Services

MVR Request
Post Office Box 80447 Conyers, Georgia 30013"


You may order either "viewable for 30 days only" MVR records or certified records online. Fees are the same as mail and in person fees. For certified copies, sign up at the online portal. Your MVR record will be mailed to you or another person or business on your behalf. You can pay online with a credit card, and more payment options are available by mail.

What if I Find Errors?

If you notice problems with your Georgia DMV records, you may call the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDR) at 1-678-413-8400. Mention the wrong info and have some kind of proof available.
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