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How to Get Your Florida DMV Records
Many Florida drivers may feel they have no need to check their DMV records. However, your auto insurance rates may be higher than they should be if your reports contain erroneous information. When applying for a job, your driving or vehicle records may be checked, and it's a good idea to make sure everything is accurate and up to date. To order your DMV records, you can visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for important information

Available Florida DMV Records

It's very easy to check to see if your Florida driver's license is valid. Just go to this page and enter the number. You'll receive info containing validity, endorsements, expiration date, and restrictions.
Motor Vehicle Records
In Florida, you can obtain either driving records or motor vehicle records. Motor vehicle information is available online. You must contact the DMV by mail or by the email address Tell them what search parameters you need. Information only costs one-cent for each vehicle, but you'll need to pay a shipping and handling charge of $4.50 and a deposit. You can receive info in one of three ways:
  • Printed paper
  • CD - data can easily be transferred to any computer with a CD drive.
  • FTP download - you need to furnish a username, password, and static IP address.

Driving History Records

You can order four kinds of driving history reports
  • Seven-year
  • Three-year
  • Certified
  • Complete

What Info is on My Driving Record?

Both seven-year and three-year reports may contain:
  • Traffic accidents that you were ticketed for
  • DL details
  • Points on your record
  • Traffic convictions
  • Driver's license suspensions and revocations

Complete Driving Records

A complete record has all the info contained in the three and seven-year records, plus:
  • Withheld judgments or penalties - for example, if a driver chose to attend traffic school to remove points from his record, it would be on the report.
  • Notes or remarks from the courts concerning your driving record
  • Some license suspensions do not stay on your record permanently. For example, if your license was suspended because you didn't pay a ticket, it will only stay on the record for a year.

How to Get Records in Person

If you want to see your driver's license or motor vehicle records, you can go to the nearest Florida DMV office. Here is a link to the offices in Florida. You may also visit the court clerk's or tax collector's office. Private vendors are also authorized to provide you with this information.

Records through the Mail

You must fill out an official Florida Driver's License Request Form. Three-year records are $8.00, and all other records are $10.00. Letters of verification are $2.50, and certified letters of verification are $3.00. Mail your request to:
"Bureau of Records P.O. Box 5775 Tallahassee, Florida 32314-5775"

Who Can Access Your Records?

  • Government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Employers doing background checks
A complete list is available on the request form. For more information, you can call the Florida DMV customer service department at 1-850-617-2000.
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