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Obtaining Connecticut DMV Records
Have you ever looked at your Connecticut DMV records? If not, you may want to think about doing so. You could have erroneous information on your driving record and might be paying more for your auto insurance than you have to. Record errors can also cause drivers to experience problems with their driver's licenses, by putting points on your record that you are not aware of. To get a copy of your reports, you'll need to contact your local Connecticut DMV or visit the official website of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.

Who Can Request My DMV Records?

  • Government agencies (including local, state, and federal) may need your records as part of their official business.
  • Automotive industry businesses (may include manufacturers, dealers, and authorized companies conducting vehicle research). This may cover things like recalls, theft, safety, product reports, and EPA issues. However, these companies must comply with all federal and state laws.
  • Legal entities may request driving and vehicle information about you when it concerns legal matters like civil or criminal cases. It can also include lawyers investigating lawsuits that involve you. However, proper documentation is required before records will be released.
  • Businesses that need to confirm information in your records (reported by you) is accurate. This includes potential employers performing screenings or background checks.
  • Insurance companies and claims investigators can access your records when it comes to matters like checking for fraud. They can also confirm your records when investigating, claims, accidents, and to determine your insurance rates. This includes authorized employees or representatives of insurers.
  • People or businesses that have a financial interest in your car, including lien holders, may access your vehicle records. Companies impounding or towing abandoned vehicles can check for ownership information.
  • Businesses or employees checking into CDL issues
  • People or businesses that you give written consent to

Connecticut Driving Record Info

Your driving record may include traffic tickers and convictions. It also may contain points on your license. Insurance info is not on your report, only on the original registration and must be requested separately. There are 3 separate records you can request and each one is $20.00. For example:
  • DL file
  • DL application
  • Driving history

Registration Records

Each registration request is $20.00 and includes:
  • Reg file
  • Reg certificate
  • Return plate receipt
  • Vehicle insurance info
  • Miscellaneous

Where to Get Connecticut DMV Records

You cannot obtain your records online. However, you may download form J-23, print it out and take it to your local DMV or mail it to "Department of Motor Vehicles, Copy Records Unit, 60 State Street, Wethersfield, CT 06161". Proper ID is required which you must show in person or mail a copy of your ID with the completed J-23 form.

Where is My Local Connecticut DMV Office?

You can find this information at the Connecticut DMV website by clicking this link. Office hours may vary according to the location and day of the week. For more info, call your local DMV, or you can contact the Main Office via email by clicking on the subject you are interested in at the DMV contact web page. To correct record errors, you may call 1-800-842-8222. If you are in Hartford or not in Connecticut, call 1-860-263-5700.
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