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Do You Need Your Colorado DMV Records?
Are you interested in obtaining a copy of your vehicle or driving records? It's not that hard to do, and the first step involves visiting the Colorado DMV office nearest you. You may also go to the official website of the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles.

Why Request Your DMV Records?

There are several good reasons to check out your Colorado DMV records. For example:
• To check for errors that may have raised your insurance rates. Insurance companies use this data to determine premiums and if you have errors that affect your rating, you pay more for your auto insurance. • Points on your record due to false information • Applying for work - when you apply for a job, your potential employer may conduct a routine screening that includes your driving and vehicle records. • Identity theft issues - maybe you think someone has stolen your identity. You can check your driving and vehicle records to see if someone else engaged in illegal driving activity in your name.
Available Records
Both certified and non-certified records are available. All records show a seven-year period of your activities. In fact, one, three, or five-year records are not available.

What's On My Colorado DMV Records?

Here are some of the things your record may contain:
• Traffic tickets, violations, citations, and fines assessed. • Suspended or revoked drivers’ licenses • Driver license info like endorsements or classes • California driver's license points • Traffic accidents

Ordering Colorado DMV Records

Whether you want certified or unofficial records, you can get them both by going to your local DMV office or have them mailed to you. Only unofficial records are available at the website. To get an official copy of your records (or records for someone else) through the mail, send a filled out form DR 2559 to:
"COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Division of Motor Vehicles Driver Control Section, Room 164 PO Box 173345 Denver, CO 80217-3345"
There is a $9.00 search fee and an additional $1.00 fee for certified records. You should receive your records via the mail within a two-week period. Online forms are available to get DMV records online. Click here for title and vehicle registration info. Click this link for motor vehicle record request.

Requesting Colorado DMV Records for Others

In Colorado, you cannot obtain other people's DMV records unless you meet one of these criteria:
• Employer request - employers and potential employers can get your DMV records for pre-employment screenings and if they want to audit or check on job-related driving. If the info is necessary for legal action they may also obtain your records. • Court request - if you are involved in a lawsuit or legal proceedings, the court can obtain your DMV records as part of the legal process.


You cannot use a charge card at your local DMV. They accept cash or checks only.

Error Corrections

If you find problems with your Colorado DMV records, you can contact the Colorado DMV for assistance. The number is 1-303 205-5600.

Official Forms

For a complete listing of all the Colorado DMV forms, click this link to the Division of Motor Vehicles website. For answers to frequently asked questions, visit the contact page.
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