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How to Get Your Arkansas DMV Records
You may need access to your Arkansas DMV records from time to time. In fact, some organizations check your reports for a number of reasons, and you need to make sure the records are correct. You might need your records when you go to court, especially if it involves a traffic incident or violation, and insurers use this information to investigate claims and determine your auto insurance policy premium amounts. To get your records, contact the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

Who Can See My Arkansas DMV Records?

Besides the Federal Privacy Protection Act from 1994. Arkansas has state laws in place to protect your private information, and your records are considered confidential. In fact, most organizations must get written consent from you, or they are not allowed to access your Arkansas DMV records. The consent form is available online by clicking here. This release must meet these criteria:
  • Signed by the driver
  • Name, date, and driver's license number included on the release
  • Date of birth is also required.
  • Name of party you are releasing your information to
  • Releases are good for a full five years unless you withdraw the release with an official withdrawal.

Employers Requesting Your Records

An employer cannot see your records unless you provide a signed release. They may use it to determine your eligibility for work-related driving.

Insurance Companies

Insurers do not need a signed release, and they can periodically access your records. This helps them determine rates.

Government Bodies

State and federal government agencies are authorized to view your DMV reports. This includes the courts too.

Available DMV Records

There are two kinds of DMV records available in Arkansas. They are insurance and commercial records.

Insurance DMV Records

An insurance record covers a 36-month period. This is the record that most insurance companies use. For example, if they see accidents or traffic violations, they may raise your rates. If you have a DUI conviction on your record, your insurer may raise your premiums and coverage limits substantially.

Commercial DMV Records

Employers typically request commercial Arkansas DMV records. This kind of report is more detailed than an insurance record, and if you have an Arkansas CDL, your employer is very interested in your driving habits. Some traffic violations may stay on this record for many years, and you may not know about this unless you check your DMV records.

What's On My Record?

Your DMV record may reveal issues like points on your license. It may show if you had a license revocation or suspension. Traffic accidents are also included.

How Can I Get My Records?

To order online, click this link. Provide your driver's license info and last numbers of your SS. Submit charge card payment, and you can print out your report. For mail requests, fill out the request form and send it to "Driving Records, Room 1130, Post Office Box 1272, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203".
You can go to your local Arkansas Revenue office or the DMV Records office in Little Rock. Complete a form and pay the fee. Fees are:
  • Insurance DMV records - $7.00 by mail or at the office, $10.00 at the website.
  • Commercial records - $10 office or mail and $13 online.
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