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Ways to Obtain Arizona DMV Records
Do you need to find your official DMV records in Arizona? Checking out your records is a good way to make sure there are no errors that could cost you dearly in the form of higher insurance rates or license suspensions. To start, visit your local MVD or Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office or go to Service Arizona, which is the official Department of Transportation and Motor Vehicle Division Services website for the state of Arizona.

Who Can Access My Arizona DMV Records?

Your driving record access in Arizona is restricted, thanks to the DPPA (Driver's Privacy Protection Act). This federal law has been in effect since 1994 and does not allow anyone else to access your records without your consent unless they are for:
  • Government agencies
  • Court proceedings
  • Official research entities
  • Insurance companies
  • Authorized private investigation businesses
  • DMV department requests
  • Records and information concerning federal laws
  • State authorized reasons
You can request your own driving records, and as long as you provide written consent, anyone else can access your Arizona driving information. You can give a "one-time" consent for access and form 46-4416 is available by clicking this link. For continued consent, you can use state form 96-0276.

What Records Are Available?

You may receive either certified of non-certified records for a 39-month or 60-month period. The 39-month records show your vehicle violations for the entire 39 month period. Non-certified reports can be obtained by mail, internet, or by visiting your local MVD office. Certified 39-month records must be obtained in person. 60-month records show traffic issues for the past five years, and you can get both certified and non-certified reports in person or through the mail. They are not available online
Why Info is on My Arizona DMV Record?
Your record shows the current status of your Arizona issued driver's license. It also shows other licenses you may have owned. Other info includes:
  • Traffic citations, violations, tickets, and fines paid
  • Traffic accidents you were involved in
  • Points on your driving record
  • Past license restrictions, suspensions, and other issues

Where Can I Get My Arizona DMV Records?

To find an Arizona MVD near you, follow this link. A standard motor vehicle record only costs $3.00 at your local MVD, and there are no additional fees for obtaining the info at the ServiceArizona website. Certified records are $5.00. You can search the site by zip code and also find out the current wait times at each office.
Additional Information
You may use an authorized third-party motor vehicle information source to get your Arizona MVD records. When you visit an Arizona MVD or the official website you'll need to complete a form 46-4416 and to access someone else's driving records, you need the following things:
  • Signed consent from the person - signed forms must be notarized or witnessed at the local MVD office.
  • Check the proper authorization box if consent is not required.
  • Submit payment - most payment forms are accepted
  • Wait to receive the records by mail, or you can wait at the local MVD office to get records on the same day.
  • Charge card payments are required online.
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