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South Dakota - How to Obtain Arrest Records
Government agencies have automatic approval to be able to obtain your arrest records. Some non-government agencies may insist on your consent to be able to process certain circumstances and inspect your record.
You may choose to examine the record of another individual, and this will require their consent in most situations, except to be able to review simple data and not a detailed version.
An arrest record is available directly from your state or an approved private organization where you will be charged a fee.
Arrest records are often inspected before a new relationship begins, to check a neighbor or to assess former classmates. You can always check basic details, but not detailed, of anyone’s arrest record and without consent.

Checking the Records

Your arrest record will detail any previous and current information. Your full criminal record will be available to those entitled to the inspection, including itemizing any felony convictions and misdemeanors.
Where any current pending charges and warrants are outstanding, the examination will show this information.
The record will show your name, aliases, address and date of birth alongside your photograph and fingerprints.
Purchasing arrest records is an easy process and available from a wide range of non-government agencies using online services, with a fee payable.
The Office of The Attorney General in South Dakota provides the state background and arrest record checks. Free fingerprint kits are available from their office. A fee is payable to process the information. A form is available online, and you can visit the Attorney General’s office to complete your application.
A higher fee is available for individuals to inspect the state and FBI records.

Who Can Access the Records?

Accessing your own records is relatively straightforward. When a potential employer, child adoption service or a security company requires access to your records, they may require permission from you or others by their status.
A part of your previous record may be pardoned or expunged. Where you have been forgiven for a crime, the record may still show but will clarify that you have been pardoned.
You may need to employ a qualified lawyer to apply for Certificate of Actual Innocence. This is used when an individual is found not guilty of a crime, or not even charged after an arrest, but the criminal record of the event is still recorded.
Details concerning sex crimes are available in all states and can be accessed by anyone.

What Is the Difference Between Background and Arrest/Criminal Record Check?

A background check provides information about your current and previous addresses. It includes your marital status, whether you have ever filed for bankruptcy and lists of driving offenses.
The arrest or criminal record check provides details about arrests, any convictions and applicable penalties, including any prison terms.
Personal information about your race, your eye and hair colors, your height and weight and any noticeable tattoos may also be listed.
It is important for you to understand the differences between the records and why you may give permission for others to access.
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