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How to Get South Carolina Criminal Records
Do you plan to change jobs in the future? Maybe you are taking special training, or you realize you may be subjected to a criminal background check. You can get a copy of these records to see what they have to say about you. In South Carolina, you have the right to view your records, according to the Freedom of Information Act. However, there are some exceptions, but you can get most criminal records because they are public information. Here are some good things to know about the process of getting criminal records.

What Are South Carolina Criminal Records?

They are sometimes referred to as criminal background checks because businesses often use these records as part of their employment screening programs. These records include things like arrests, probation, sentences, court decisions, felony arrests. In fact, arrests in which the subject was fingerprinted, are usually included in background checks.

Where Are These Records?

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is responsible for keeping state criminal records. The Crime Information center oversees the "Uniform Reports Section" and "Central Records Repository."

How Can I Get South Carolina Criminal Records?

If you want to get a copy of your criminal records, you can use the Internet or US mail system. There are no places you can get records in person.


The online access site is called SLED CATCH. This stands for South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, Citizens Access to Criminal Histories. SLED CATCH gives you the chance to request criminal records online. You can view them and print them from your Web browser. However, they do not provide national records, only those from South Carolina. The arrest reports are supported by fingerprints, but fingerprint searches are not provided (except when required by law).
Fees for the service are $25.00, and they are non-refundable. When you use a credit or debit card, you'll be charged a convenience fee of one dollar. If you are a charitable or non-profit organization, you may qualify for the $8.00 reduced fee. School districts may order background checks for substitute and full-time teachers for no charge.

Mail Services

You can use SLED to order South Carolina criminal records through the US mail. First, fill out the criminal record check form. Provide as much information as you can. Businesses must also provide SS numbers of the person they request records for.
The $25.00 fee for mail in service can be paid by money order, business check, or certified check made out to "SLED." They don't accept cash or personal checks. If you are a charitable organization, you have to include your user identification number and name to qualify for the reduced fee.
Be sure to include a SASE and mail the form and payment to:
"SLED Records Department
PO Box 21398
Columbia SC 29221-1398"
When you receive your record, it should have a stamp from SLED reading "SLED Records Section." If not, you should not accept it.
Additional Info
If you want to see if someone is listed in the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry, click this link. South Carolina now uses a SORT system to make searching and finding offenders easier. You can also sign up for notifications from SORT.
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