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If you want to check on one of your neighbors or friends of your children, you have limited options in New Mexico. For example, state laws prohibit you from obtaining a background check or New Mexico criminal record report on someone because it's not public information (as in many other states). So, what can you do to order a criminal history report in New Mexico? Here is some important information that can help.

What are Criminal History Records?

There are times when businesses or organizations need to check on people that work for them or volunteer their services. This is just one example of the importance of checking out criminal histories. It's possible to discover information like DUI arrests, arraignments for assault, various felonies, and other transgressions. A criminal history report covers arrest issues that someone has experienced over a period of time.

Available New Mexico Criminal Records

If you want to see what is on your own criminal history report, that information is readily available to you from The New Mexico State Central Repository for Criminal History. However, New Mexico puts a lot of importance on personal privacy and finding details on others can be an involved process even if you have authorization.
In New Mexico, you can find information like felonies and misdemeanors (must be serious enough to warrant at least six months in jail or prison). DUI offenses are also available.

How Can I Order My Criminal Background Check?

Visit the New Mexico Department of Safety website for the official information. To request your records, you can download and fill out an Authorization for Release of Information form. The fee for requesting New Mexico criminal records is fifteen dollars.
Here is how to get your records. Fill out the form with all the requested information. Make sure that you sign the form in front of a notary. If the record request is for a minor, the parent must also sign and have his or her signature witnessed by a notary.
The form is simple, and you only need to provide your name, DOB, and SS number. If someone is requesting information on your behalf, they must print their name and address on the form. Mail your completed form with the fee to:
P.O. BOX 1628
SANTA FE, NM 87504-1628
After mailing in the form, you should receive a response within a week or two.

Are Other New Mexico Criminal Records Available?

If you need documentation for immigration purposes, you may request a Police Certificate of Good Standing. The cost for this service is thirty-three dollars ($15 for the background check and $18 for the certificate).
You can look up specific court cases at the New Mexico Courts website. Here is a link to the New Mexico Sex Offender Registry.


You can request that misdemeanor arrests be removed from your criminal records. However, you cannot request felony removals. Certain qualifiers must be met, and you can call the Department of Public Safety DPS at 1-505-827-3317 for more information.
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