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Do You Need Nebraska Criminal Records?
If someone did a Nebraska background check on you today, do you know what would show up in those records? There could be very little information on you, or there could be some things that you are not too proud of. If you want to see what's on your Nebraska criminal record or check someone else's record, here is important information to know.

What's a Criminal Record?

If you are arrested and fingerprinted in the state of Nebraska, it becomes a matter of public record. That means that anyone requesting this information can have access to it. However, arrests are only on record for so long.

What Records Can I Request?

A typical arrest record may include felonies like repeated domestic violence, assault with injury, or DUI offenses. However, issues like disorderly conduct or petty theft will not usually show up.

Are There Records I Can't Request?

You cannot request juvenile records. Most misdemeanor records are not available either. If no charges are filed, the record is only available for one year. Charges dismissed by the court are not available.

What Records are Available?

If you want to request a Nebraska criminal history report, you can get reports based on name searches or fingerprint searches.

Name Searches

A name-based Nebraska criminal record is the easiest method. In fact, it's public information so you can request criminal histories on anyone you want to, as long as you pay the fee. You must provide the name and birth date of each person you are searching for. However, other details like maiden names, SS numbers, and aliases may provide more complete results.

Fingerprint Searches

A criminal history report based on fingerprints covers arrest records across the United States. It covers state and national data bases,, but these records are not readily available to the general public.

How to Request Nebraska Criminal Records

You can make a request online, in person, or via US mail. For example:
  • Online - Internet requests are $15.50. Click this link to request a report online for public information.
  • In person - go to the Criminal Identification Division office and you'll need an official request form. Bring the filled-out form along with the $12.50 fee with you to the office. Payment methods accepted include personal and cashier's checks and money orders.
  • Mail requests - Download and fill out the official form and mail it to the Nebraska Criminal Identification Division office. The fee is $12.50, and payment options are the same as in person requests. Mail requests to:
"Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Division
3800 NW 12th Street Suite A
Lincoln, NE 68521"
Include a SASE, or your results are faxed to the provided fax number.

Error Corrections

You can contact the Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Division for assistance. However, you have to go to the information source for verification.

Record Expungement

If you can prove law enforcement error you can have a record deleted or expunged. You must petition the court for a criminal conviction to be set aside.
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