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Obtaining Michigan Arrest Records
Do you think you might have a criminal record in the state of Michigan? The truth is, some people may have information on their court or arrest records that they don't know about. In fact, there's only one way to be sure what's on your record, and that's to get a copy of it and see. But how can you go about obtaining arrest records in Michigan? You can go to a trusted records service or through the official state source. Here is information to help you out.

What Are Criminal Records?

Michigan criminal or arrest records contain information about you from law enforcement files. In fact, if you check into your records you may uncover things like past arrests, current charges, dismissed charges, and charges that were cleared. These records include both felony and misdemeanor charges.
Michigan law requires every serious misdemeanor and felony charge (with a possible penalty of more than 93 days in jail) to be reported. In fact, all of the courts, prosecuting attorneys, and law enforcement agencies must comply with this law.

What Records Are Not Available?

You cannot obtain warrant details or information that has been repressed. Traffic records and tribal records are not available, as are details on local misdemeanor charges. You can't access someone's juvenile criminal history in Michigan nor can you get information from other states through Michigan sources.

What Records Can I Request?

You can request named based or fingerprint based background checks. For named based records you can use ICHAT (Internet Criminal History Access Tool). This lets you search criminal histories (that are public information) from the Criminal Justice Information Center and the state police.
To access ICHAT, you need to sign up for an online account. Each time you conduct a search, there is a ten-dollar fee. An ICHAT tutorial is also available.
To check the state sex offender registry, click this link. This can give you additional info on someone's criminal history.

Fingerprint Based Records

Complete information is available at the Michigan State Police website. There you can do a fingerprint based search for:
  • Employment background checks
  • Legal name changes
  • Concealed weapon permit
  • Visa, immigration, or adoption
  • FBI records
There is also a section that lets you make changes to your record. For example, if there are mistakes, you can correct them. You can ask for nonpublic records to be suppressed too.
The State Police website lists instructions on how to obtain fingerprint based records when they are required by law. It also explains what to do for name changes, concealed pistol licenses, and other information. If you need additional information, you may call 1-517-241-0606.

Inmate Search

You can search jail and prison records at the Michigan Department of Corrections website. This covers anything in the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. Also, county or city jail is not available from the state.

Why Check Records?

Since you may have arrest record info you don't know about, you should check your record if you plan to get a job, adopt a child, or do anything that requires legal action.
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