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How to Get Massachusetts Arrest Records
Would you like to see if you have any criminal or arrest records in Massachusetts? Maybe someone you know wants to view their records, or you need to check out a potential employee in a pre-screening process. There are many reasons to check into arrest records in Massachusetts even if it's just to satisfy your own personal curiosity. Here is important information on obtaining these records to make the process quicker and easier.

What is an Arrest or Criminal Record?

Arrest records contain information from local law enforcement files about you or the person you are searching for. It may contain details like:
  • Pending charges
  • Previous arrests
  • Active warrants
  • Charges that were dismissed
  • Charges you were cleared of
Your Massachusetts arrest records may include things like traffic citations and DUI arrests. Issues like domestic violence and immigration problems may also be included.

What Records are Available in Massachusetts?

In Mass, you can receive either a fingerprint supported report or a report based on name. Here are the differences:


This is the easiest record type to obtain because you only need a name and birth date information on the subject. After submitting a request, the state court records are checked to see if there is information on you. Any court records that the search reveals are public information. This will only give you information about the commonwealth of Massachusetts.


If you do a records search based on fingerprint information, you can get a more complete search. This search checks the fingerprints submitted against all fingerprint records in the country.

How Can I Get My Records?

There are two different ways you can request Massachusetts criminal records.
  • Mail in request
  • Online request
Mail Requests
You can go online and print out an official form, or you may contact the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services by calling 1-617-660-4600 and requesting that they mail a form to your home. The mailing address is:
"Department of Criminal Justice Information Services: CORI Unit
200 Arlington Street,
2nd Floor, Suite 2200
Chelsea, MA 02150"
The fee is $25 and you cannot send a personal check. It must be a money order or cashier's check. Make the check out to the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts." The form must be signed and your signature witnessed by a notary.

Internet Records

Go to the iCORI website to request your records. If you can't pay the fee of $25 you can fill out an indigency form and you must meet all the requirements.
To check juvenile records, download the official request form. There is no fee for this service.

Why Check Your Massachusetts Criminal Record?

Did you know that you could have criminal records even if you have not been convicted of any crimes? If you were arrested, that record remains even if all charges against you were dismissed or your verdict was "not guilty."
There could be errors on your criminal record and you can correct them. You may also request your records to be sealed. Complete information is available at the website.
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