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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Maryland
An arrest record is a document or electronic file created when a person is taken into custody by a law enforcement agency. In some cases, these records contain just a notation of what occurred and why. Still, in Maryland, they are an important part of any criminal record. It is important for individuals to gather information related to arrest records whenever possible. You should know what is on your criminal file and arrest records are often an important part of that. To do so, you will need to work through the process established by Maryland.

Maryland Arrest Record Laws to Know

In Maryland, it is legal for individuals to make a formal request for access to a public record. Arrest records are considered a public record. The Public Information Act or PIA in Maryland creates this right to all citizens of the state. It was first put in place in 1970. The law provides the public with access to all documents created by government offices that do not contain otherwise sensitive information. Information included in arrest record requests and other criminal record searches is limited in Maryland. This law protects against the release of information protected under attorney-client privilege such as any advice given. It also protects medical records, personnel records, financial information, and inmate case record information.In addition, investigatory records are not accessible. Juvenile records are not accessible in most cases.

Finding Arrest Records In Maryland

While many states provide an online database that individuals can use to search information about criminal records, this is not as simple to do in Maryland. However, it is still possible to gather information about the criminal matters at hand. A good place to start is with the Maryland Courts. Here it is possible to look up information related to any case filed in the court. The information on hand will include any arrest information related to it. However, it is important to know that only information available for arrests made that lead to a legal case filed in a court of law will be included here. This can limit key information in some situations.
In these cases, it may be beneficial to access Maryland arrest records on a local level. Virtually all state, county, and local police departments keep these records on file on a local level. If an individual knows the local jurisdiction in Maryland in which the incident and arrest occurred, it is possible to visit that location to inquire about a copy of the arrest record. Generally, the local agency may allow this to be done online at their website as well.
Most of the Maryland arrest records available will include information related to the arrest specifically including any charges filed and the date and time of the incident. It may also include a physical description of the individual and information about his or her actions. Arrest records may also include fingerprints as well as a photo of the individual if he or she was charged in the case.
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