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How to Obtain an Arrest Record in Maine
Understanding risk means taking the time to uncover information you do not know. You may need information to file a court case. You may need to know about a specific arrest made in your neighborhood. You may want to have information about yourown criminal history and arrest history. This information may be available to you in Maine. Maine's arrest records are considered in the public domain. That means that most of the time, it is possible to gather information regarding the arrests made. Maine arrest records do require some research and it helps to know where to look to find them.

First, Know Maine's Laws on Public Records

Maine is like most other states in this area. It provides access to most arrest records and criminal records when someone asks for them. A formal request must be made, though. The information in the arrest record will not be able to break confidentiality agreements, though. That's important to remember. The state's Maine Freedom of Access Act, also known as FOAA, is perhaps one of the most important laws to know here. It was put into place in 1959. It provides residents in the state with access to public records. These are records that are created by governmental offices at the state, county, and local level.
There are many exceptions to this rule, though. In fact, over 300 statutory exceptions exist. Maine's limitations of access to documents often are ideal because they protect high-risk victims and witnesses. Most arrest records are available unless they contain sensitive date protect under this or other laws in the state.

Accessing Available Arrest Records in Maine

To obtain information regarding an arrest record, there are several steps individuals need to take. First, the State Bureau of Identification, a Department of Public Safety under the Maine State Police, provides a database and clearinghouse for this information. It is possible to gain access to that at the Criminal History Record Information website. It is a database that files, collects, and preserves this information on all arrests reported by law enforcement in the state of Maine including state police records. Information is only released in some situations, such as when the individual has been convicted of the crime. Only information related to adults is every provided here. Additionally, it is possible to obtain some arrest records when the individual is an adult now, but committed and was convicted of a felony at a previous time.
A secondary option for collecting Maine arrest records is to visit local police departments where this information was first created. These local law enforcement offices tend to provide a great deal of information on criminal matters.
For those that need Maine arrest records, these details are generally available through the state police database. However, there are many restrictions on information and many times these types of claims may not be as accessible as first thought. Nevertheless, most arrest records are a key component of a criminal history.
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