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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Louisiana
Louisiana residents, businesses, and others may wish to learn the details of a person's criminal history. This includes information such as the number and instances of arrests. This information is kept in a file called an arrest record. It is generally a component of a larger criminal history file. In Louisiana, this information is available to the public to a certain extent. The law provides for public access to key information, but it does not always outline the depth of information that an individual can obtain. Every situation is different. For those who need arrest records, it helps to know a few key things about the laws in the state that govern this need.

Arrest Record Access Laws to Know in Louisiana

For those who are in Louisiana, arrest records are generally accessible by the public. Thisis done as a result of the Louisiana Public Records Act. This law was put into place in 1974 and continues to be one of the most important laws for obtaining access to any type of public information. This includes information and records from most governmental offices at the state and local level. Arrest records fall into the area of accessible documents in most situations. Some information is exempt. For example, the state does not release 911 tapes. It does not provide access to confidential information, information related to a person's medical history, or information for those who are under the age of 18 when the arrest occurred. Additionally, Louisiana state courts may elect to seal some information. This makes it inaccessible to the public.

How You Can Access Louisiana Arrest Records

Individuals can request arrest records for many reasons. Individuals can request a copy of their own information. They can also request all public information from other individuals as well. Thisis done through the Louisiana State Police Public Safety Services website. This information there is often fairly extensive. However, to gain access, you must first complete an authorization form. It can be downloaded online. Fill it out and then mail it in, along with any fee, to get a copy of a criminal history including arrest records.
It is also possible to take this authorization form to local courthouses and police stations. These locations are additional locations to visit to gain access to public records related to arrests, charges, and court actions taken against individuals. In many cases, this will provide the best level of information regarding most cases. Individuals should be able to complete an authorization form at the location as well.
Arrest records in Louisiana are often limited in terms of what they offer. Athorough criminal history file will include a great deal of information related to a case, such as information on the person's charges and previous charges, the arrest record is a document of the actual arresting incident. It does include a variety of information related to the arrest and personally identifiable information based on the individual's physical description.
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