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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Kentucky
Residents in Kentucky have the right to know if their safety is at risk. Employers want to know if the person they are about to hire is a safety risk to employees. And, for many individuals, knowing what is on their personal criminal record is just as important. The good news is this information is available to the public. Kentucky is one of many states that allow individuals to gain access to arrest records. This information is often a component of but not all of a criminal history for a person. However, Kentucky law can provide some insight into using this information and obtaining it.

Legally Kentucky Residents Can Access Information

Kentucky residents have a right to gain access to all documents and records kept by the state as well as local government offices. This is information that may include arrest records. The Kentucky General Assembly put this right into law in 1974. At that time, the Kentucky Open Records Act was created. This law provides very specific information about providing access to residents who wish to look at and copy public records. Arrest records are a part of this. The act does have numerous exceptions listed in it. This includes exemptions such as accessing records for juveniles or in cases that are consideredconfidential. For those who wish to gather information on an arrest record, it is generally going to be available to you.

Obtaining Public Records in Kentucky

There's a great deal of information available to the public in Kentucky. The state has done a good job of making that information available through online portals, too. The Kentucky Court of Justice website, for example, provides multiple options for public record searches. This information includes obtaining a criminal record report for the actions of an individual, including third parties. Public court records are provided in this way as well. This is also the location for obtaining expungement information for those who have an arrest record.
In addition to this, arrest records may be available locally. Individuals should determine if possible, which agency conducted the arrest. When an arrest occurs in the state, it is formalized in a police department or other law enforcement office. The individual's information is enteredelectronically, but paper documents exist as well. Arrest records tend to include the person's picture as well as fingerprints. The document may also include information about the way a person looks such as his or her height, weight, race, and any identifying features or markings on the body.
Though there are various ways to obtain arrest records in the state, doing so on a local level tends to be better in most situations. It provides better access and it can be faster than waiting for the Court of Justice to send files. Arrest records, though, are publicly accessible, and that's important to know. For those who need information from such a document or report, this public access can be very important for many reasons.
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