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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Kansas
For those who are in Kansas, arrest records are key documents individuals need to have access to from time to time. The information contained in these documents can be helpful for many reasons. For example, they can help in filing a lawsuit. Some employers may wish to gather this information before offering a job to an individual. The key here is to know that Kansas arrest records are available to the public in most situations. Access to them may be prohibited in some situations. However, in most cases, the public is able to gain access to this information.

What Are the Laws Regarding Kansas Arrest Records?

The Kansas Open Records Act, or KORA, was first put into place in 1984. It has been changed after that point. However, this law provides a guarantee that the public has the right to inspect and copy public records that are created by government agencies or other public agencies in the state. This includes local police departments. Arrest records are one type of record that is accessible in this situation. Information related to minors is not accessible. In some situations, the court may seal the records in a specific matter, often due to the sensitive nature of the incident, the age of those involved, or the victim's risks. Court sealed documents are also not accessible in Kansas.

What Can You Do to Get a Copy of Kansas Arrest Records?

The Kansas Office of Judicial Administration provides a great deal of information to help with the collecting and maintaining of these arrest records. This agency works as a central database and registry for this information. You can visit the website of this agency to look up some information about those who have criminal history files. This is an excellent website for research. To obtain these records, individuals must visit in person or send in a document with a fee. This is all done through the website previously mentioned.
Arrest records may also be available at the local level. Local police stations, as well as county offices of the sheriff, will provide some access to these documents as well. The information here will include details about the person's incidents and may be included in a larger criminal history file. This record is accessible in most cases through a simple request. For those that know which agency did the arresting in the case, this is the best route to take. They will have more details of the occurrence on hand.
Individuals who want to obtain arrest records in Kansas will need to wait in some situations. These requests can be detailed and may take some time. Most will include information about the incident including the date and time it occurred as well as information about the identity of the individuals involved. This includes prior convictions as well. For those who need access to arrest records, this information is readily available to you. However, tracking down the best resource can prove to be a challenge in some cases.
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