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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Iowa
For those living in Iowa, it helps to stay up to date on your own safety. If you have been arrested previously or you would like more information about an incident that occurred, you can obtain a copy of arrest records. These documents can provide you with important information and insight into what happened and how it may impact you. Iowa arrest records provide incredible insight and, in most cases, they are public records. That means you have the ability to request them and use them as necessary. However, this process does involve a few steps and sometimes may not be available to you. There are several key things to keep in mind here.

Laws Providing Public Record Access

In Iowa, there are laws in place that provide you with information and insight into your rights to view information related to government agencies and their actions. The Iowa Open Records Law was put into place in 1967. This law provides the public with access to the records from government bodies at all levels. This includes arrest records. Some documents are considered confidential and, as a result, may not be as easy or even possible to access. However, documents such as those related to medical history, minors, as well as military records are not accessible to the general public.

What to Do If You Want Access

Arrest records are generally in the public domain. This means you have the legal right to access them and view them. However, doing so takes a bit of investigation work. First, the Iowa Department of Public Safety and the Division of Criminal Investigation provides a good starting point. It is possible to pay a fee to gain access to very specific information from a person's criminal record history. Thisis done at the Iowa Criminal History Records Check website. There is a $15 fee for this information. It only provides information that is more recent. And, some arrest records may not be available here.
A second option is to turn to a local police department of the other arresting agency. These agencies keep and maintain the arrest records for their jurisdiction. County and local police departments will be able to provide you with direct access to these records if you make a formal search. Only a few of them in Iowa have these records available online. Instead, individuals may need to turn to a local source to get this information in person.
Most arrest records will provide information about an incident as well as the date and time of a person's arrest. They will include fingerprints and photos of the individual. Most also include any information that can be used to identify the individual. This includes his or her personalfeatures, race, height, and weight.
This information can be helpful to many people. However, not all arrest records in Iowa are available. It can sometimes be hard to find very specific details from older incidents as well in the state.
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