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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Indiana
It is not uncommon for individuals to want and need copies of arrest records and other criminal history information from a person or on themselves. In Indiana, this information is available to the public. The state's laws state that having this information is critical because it provides for the details necessary in court cases. It is also the public's right to have access to most of this data. For those who wish to make a formal request for arrest records or other public information related to a legal case, the state has several steps for individuals to take. The key is to understand what Indiana laws are.

What Are Indiana's Laws for Arrest Record Access?

In the state of Indiana, it is legally allowable for individuals to make a formal request for arrest records. The state put in place the Indiana Access to Public Records Act in 1983 to provide for this right. It specifically offers access to public records from government bodies of all types. It guarantees that individualsare able to access information not otherwise sealed by the court. There is some information that is kept from public access whether included in the arrest record or not. This includes any type of licensing information, social security numbers, and trade secrets. The law also protects juveniles from having their arrest records obtained by third-party individuals.

What Information Is Available?

The information provided in an arrest record may provide insight into a number of factors related to the case being searched. In most situations, these records provide information about a person's charges, if any are filed at the time of the arrest. In addition, it will document the physical details of an individual such as his or her height, weight, hair color, tattoos, race, and any other physical descriptions that can be offered. In addition to this, most arrest records will also contain information about a person's date of birth and the date and time of the arrest. Some will provide basic descriptions of the events that occurred. In Indiana, the amount of detail on these reports will differ from one location to the next. Mostare only a component of a criminal history file or another type of investigative file.

How to Find Criminal and Arrest Records in Indiana

In Indiana, to gather the information obtained on an arrest record, individuals will need to make a formal request. This can be done through the Indiana Courts if the case has moved to a legal proceeding which may not happen in all situations. In addition to this, the best access to these documents is from a local police department or sheriff's office. If these agencies were the arresting agency, then the arrest record originated from this location and is most accessible to the public at this level. Some agencies allow for this information to be available online. There are also third-party websites and tools that can be used to gather this type of information.
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