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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Illinois
Illinois residents are able to make a formal request for a copy of or inspection of arrest records. These documents provide information about a specific investigation, incident, or another arrest. They do not necessarily carry a comprehensive amount of information about what occurred, but they can shed light on a variety of key factors related to the arrest of an individual. If you are someone that has been arrested or you otherwise would like to verify information, you are able to do so through a formal search under Illinois law. This is a complex process with some limitations in many situations.

Laws Regarding Arrest Records in Illinois

For those who wish to obtain a copy of or a visual description of arrest records in Illinois, it is possible to do so under the state's laws. Specifically, the Illinois Freedom of Information Act has been in place to provide this service since 1984. The law as well as a series of them that followed work to provide residents with access to public records from all government bodies. They are presumed to be accessible for copying and inspection. Information is protected in some situations including information that is court protected through the sealing of the document.
In addition, in 1991, the state passed the Uniform Conviction Information Act. This act further makes it possible for individuals to obtain access to the criminal history record of another people. This process is governed through the Illinois State Police. It manages a repository of all information such as this. It is also possible to gather information about arrests from this source online.

Obtaining Copies of Illinois Arrest Records in Other Cases

While the Illinois State Police is a good place to start, individuals should also work to obtain information and arrest records directly from the local police departments or sheriff's offices that are involved in the situations. The agency that processed the arrest is likely to have the best access to these documents and provides the best level of access to the public over them. For those that are unsure of where an arrest occurred or if one did then turning to the State Police is a better option. Third party websites can also provide access to some information and arrest records. They are not always provided through a basic criminal history search, though.
The information on an arrest record is comprehensive in some situations and limited in others. Most all arrest records will contain some data including information on a person's physical features such as height, weight, race, age, and other descriptive features. In addition to this, the records will also include information related to any charges filed, if they were, as well as the date and time of the arrest. Some documents include a photograph as well as fingerprints as well.
This information is available to the public. It is accessible to those who make a formal request for the data from the appropriate law enforcement agency.
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