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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Idaho
Arrest records provide information about a specific event or arrest. They document a variety of details from the event in most situations. However, they can also be a part of a criminal history report. For this reason, individuals who have been arrested or may need to verify information from this type of public record should obtain a copy of the documents. In Idaho, arrest records are available to the public for most needs. However, there are some restrictions and limitations on the availability of this information. There are a few key things to know for those who need Idaho records of arrest.

What Laws Provide Idaho Public Record Access?

Many records related to police enforcement and government activities are available to the public upon request. In Idaho, the Public Records law outlines this right of the public. The law was put into effect in 1990. The law provides the public the right to monitor actions of local andstate governments by providing access to government records like this. There are some limitations to this law, though. For example, juvenile records are protected from public access for obvious reasons. In addition, law enforcement documents and investigations related to open investigations are protected. Information that would otherwise put individuals at risk is also protected. However, in most situations, most public record information is accessible to those who make a request for this information.

Where Can You Find Arrest Records in Idaho?

There are a variety of ways to obtain arrest records in the state of Idaho. The primary method to doing so is to turn to local agencies that govern such documents. This includes the local sheriff's office and local police departments. Though there are other agencies such as the court system that may also provide access to this information, seeking it out from the source tends to be the best way to gather all information in a complete manner. Idaho arrest records are also available through the Idaho State Judiciary in some situations. This is the agency that governs most types of course data and documentation. Still, turning to a local office is likely to be a better option.

What Information Is In These Documents?

Arrest records can be very basic, or they can be comprehensive. It depends on the agencyrules and methods for completing these documents. In general, arrest records are a part of a criminal file so they may not provide a lot of detail. In Idaho, they will usually include:
  • The individual's name and any known aliases
  • Physical characteristics such as a person's height, weight, race, and distinguishing marks
  • Information about the arrest including the date and time it took place
  • Information related to the individual's charges if they were filed
  • Fingerprints in most situations
Arrest records in Idaho can be important for many reasons. For those who may need this information, it is important to turn to a local provider to obtain documentation of any details necessary as well as copies.
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