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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Hawaii
In Hawaii, arrest records can prove to be one of the most important tools available in a variety of situations. Arrest records are created when a person is taken into custody by a police department or other law enforcement professional. In some situations, the person is charged with a crime. In others, he or she is not. In Hawaii, arrest records are available to the public in most situations. The information contained in them may impact a person's safety or it may prove to be important for a variety of other reasons. For those who wish to access these documents, it is important to know the proper methods for doing so.

What Laws Govern Arrest Records in Hawaii?

Most states have laws that provide for the right of the public to gain access to information such as arrests and criminal histories. The Office of Information Practices in Hawaii is one of the most important governing bodies in this situation. In 1988, the Uniform Information Practices Act was put into place. It is the act in which this agency is governed. In short, the law requires that most government records, including arrest records, be made available to citizens who request them. In the state, all criminal records management is done by the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center and it is overseen by the Attorney General of the state.
Where to Find Hawaii Arrest Records
Because this data is available to the public, there are various ways individuals can obtain copies of this information. Generally, a formal request must be made. Though this can be done through the Office of Information Practices, it is recommended that individuals focus their search locally first. In most situations, police departments and sheriff's offices will have the most information and data available about a variety of incidents that occur in their area. If you know the office or police enforcement agency that took action and charged the individual, this can prove to be very valuable in gathering arrest records. Most of the time, local agency access is the best option in the case.

What Type of Information Is Provided?

Arrest records will vary from police department to police department. However, in most situations, these documents will include information that's rather detailed about an incident or actions of an individual. These documents generally will include:
  • Personal identification of the individual including his or her height, weight, age, race, and any identifying marks.
  • Information related to the case itself such as the date and time of the arrest and any charges filed
  • Any other details related to the case
  • Photographs are generally included in most arrest files
  • Fingerprints are included in most situations
With the use of arrest records, individuals can support claims made against others. It is also possible to request an arrest record for your own incident. The key here is to obtain this information on a local level whenever possible as that is the best access available. However, the sheriff's department can also help.
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