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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Florida
In Florida, there are laws that make it possible for individuals to obtain arrest records, like most states. Public records files like this can be hard to obtain in some situations, but the laws of the state make it possible for this information to be accessible. Most records in Florida are considered public information, though. They can be published in newspapers or used in court filings. The public is given access to Florida arrest records when there is a valid reason for doing so, but safety is a big component here. If you would like a copy of your own arrest records or information related to one of the incidents you are involved in, it is generally possible to gain this information.
Access to Florida Arrest Records
In Florida, arrest records are available in several ways. The Florida Department of Corrections is the agency that governs this information. The information is available to those who make a formal request for information. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement also provides some access to these documents. It is important for individuals to use the online databases and search tools available at both of these agency's websites to gather information about arrest records, jail records, and other information related to offenders in the state. This information is likely to be the most accessible and comprehensive.
What Type of Information Is Available on Arrest Records in Florida
Florida's laws provide that most information on arrest records be made available to the public or any citizen that makes a formal request. There will be some information that is not accessible. For example, juvenile records are not accessible to the general public. In addition to this, most information related to medical records is protected. It is not accessible to the public for the safety of the people included. It is also possible for those who have their case go to court to have some or all court-related matters sealed. The court can choose to seal all types of information related to a case, including arrest records. This makes it hard or impossible for the general public to gain access to this information.
Most of the time, arrest records are available. Depending on the source of them, these records may contain a variety of types of information. They generally include:
  • The charges filed, if any
  • The date and time of the events related to the incident
  • A person's identifying information such as race, weight, height, and other physical attributes that makes a person unique
  • Photographs may be provided
  • Fingerprints are included
  • Aliases and other information related to the individual's identity
Many arrest records will also include information related to the person's prior arrests and any information available about the actual incident that occurred that led to the arrest. Still, much of the information related to the case may be limited. Florida arrest records may provide protection to witnesses or to others involved in the case who would otherwise be at risk.
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