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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Delaware
For those who have been involved in any type of arrest, the process can be very long and difficult. Later, you may want to know what was written down about your case. You may need information like this to help support your case. In some situations, third parties want to gather information on these types of events as well. Under Delaware law, it may be possible to obtain arrest records in the state for various reasons. It can be difficult to do this in most situations, though. Still, individuals should know what their rights and abilities are in the state.

What Laws Governor Arrest Record Access in Delaware?

The state has a freedom of information act in place. This law allows for some people to gather information related to specific arrests or incidents in the state. It creates a situation in which the public is given access to information as it relates to them. However, this can be hard to obtain and offer limited information in a variety of cases. Like all states, criminal records can provide an in-depth look at a person's history while also providing insight into factors related to the safety of the public. There are several ways to access this information in the state if you have a valid reason for doing so.
Keep in mind that some information is not accessible to the public. For example, those arrests made of those individuals who are under the age of 18 are never accessible outside of a court of law. Most records related to sensitive crimes that expose medical information or key identifying information to victims may also be inaccessible. In Delaware, it is also necessary for the person to be arrested, brought into the police station, and fingerprinted in order for this information to be made available. Otherwise, the arrest record may not be available.

How to Obtain Delaware Arrest Records

The Delaware Courts provides the first step in gathering information like this. This agency will provide insight and information to those who need it. This service is often available to those who have situations in which the arrest turned into a charge and was in a court of law.
A second way to obtain arrest records in Delaware is to do so through a local police department. Most often, arrest records in the state of Delaware are managed to the city and county level rather than the state level. This means that accessing this information locally may be faster and more effective. Every police department, city office, and county office will have their own procedures and methods tofilling these types of requests. However, most people can file a request for any incident that occurred to learn more about it.
In many ways, arrest records can be vital to obtain. Individuals have a right to their own records. Visiting the local city or county offices for this information tends to be the ideal situation. However, government agencies in Delaware can help as well.
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