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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Connecticut
Arrest records in Connecticut can provide a wide range of details for individuals. These records may not always be as easy to access as many people think. Unlike other types of public records, arrest records are generally not always accessible because they tend to contain very sensitive information and the identities of would-be victims. However, there are laws in Connecticut that provide the public with specific rights in gathering this information. There is much to know for anyone that is considering accessing arrest records in Connecticut.

What Laws Relate to The Public's Right to Arrest Records?

Like many states, Connecticut has a law in place that gives the public right to some types of information. Thisis done through the Office of Governmental Accountability Freedom of Information Commission. The law itself is called the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, or FIO Act. It was first put in place in 1975. The law makes it possible for citizens who request information be provided any records available. There is no availability of files that related to trade secrets, adoption records, medical files, personnel files, or any situation in which the information would put the victim at risk.

What Type of Information Is Not Accessible?

Arrest records are not always accessible to the general public. There are various instances in which the information contained in these documents is considered sealed or protected. Generally, this stems from providing information that would otherwise put the victim at risk or would expose personal information protected under law such as medical records. The court may seal some records. If this is the case, they become inaccessible. In addition, most juvenile records are not accessible to the public. There are other cases in which only those who have a legal need to obtain the records can gather this information.

How to Gain Access to Public Records in Connecticut

The most effective way to gather records on an arrest is to visit the local police department in Connecticut affiliated with the case or the situation. This will provide the individual with information about what occurred, the time and date, as well as information about those involved in the matter. It does not provide for comprehensive access to all records, but the public can make a request for information as it relates to their needs. All of this information is only available in situations where a person was taken into custody and their fingerprints were taken. If there were no fingerprints taken, then the information is no longer accessible.
In addition to this, the Freedom of Information Commission provides some access both online and in person to help with public records. Individuals may be able to make a request for arrest records there. The information available may or may not be on file with this agency, though. This is why local access to these records tends to be the best option in many situations. Arrest records in Connecticut can provide agreat deal of insight into the various situations playing out there.
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