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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Colorado
Arrest records provide a wide range of details about instances when a person is taken into custody by police. In some situations, there is no actual court date following this because the individual is not charged in the case. However, arrest records can still be used to determine if a person is a witness to a crime or perhaps revisited later to use when charges are filed. For individuals who are in Colorado, obtaining access to your arrest records can sometimes be hard to do. Here's what you need to do.

What Laws Are Present?

In Colorado, the Opens Records Act is the specific law governing this type of matter. It was first put into place in 1969 and provides for a guarantee to public access to records that relate to any type of government matter. This law states that any person that requests to do so, may inspect the public record. This must be done in a reasonable amount of time. There are exceptions to this law, though. For example, the law restricts any situation in which there is clear evidence that there should be confidentiality in the law. This would apply, for example, in victims of sexual abuse or as a result of privacy laws.

How to Obtain an Arrest Record

In the state of Colorado, there are several ways for an individual to see his or her own arrest record. It is not possible to gather this information without a formal public request if it is for another person. However, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, within the Colorado Department of Public Safety, maintains all arrest records. Individuals can call this agency to request this information. However, a faster and often simpler method is to make a formal request online. This can be done at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation website. Some individuals will need to create an account to access this information. There is a fee for access as well.

What Type of Information Is Available?

There are various types of information available for those who need access to public records such as arrest records. Each department's information is unique. Additionally, there will be many situations in which the details are off limits or sealed by the court. Generally, information about those involved and the details of the propose incident are provided. Sealed or off-limit information tends to include:
  • Any juvenile record these are not available to the public
  • Any arrest records with sensitive information
  • Court sealed records
  • Any arrest record that does not have fingerprints these are not accessible
  • With the information from an arrest record, individuals can make decisions about court matters or lawsuits. However, formal requests for this information can take time sometimes several weeks. It is important for those who need arrest records in Colorado to work on the local level whenever possible since this provides for better and often times faster access to the information the party desires. Arrest records are not generally available for those who do not have a valid reason for accessing them.
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