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How to Obtain Arrest Records in California
California is one of the most innovative and policy-ridden states in the country. It is for that reason that many people who need to find information about a person's previous arrest records or criminal history will find it hard to do. California's laws for arrest records can seem overwhelming. However, there are some specific aspects to keep in mind. This information can be very helpful when making a decision about who to hire or when to provide a person with a state license. There are several areas of information to keep in mind here.

Gathering Public Records

When it comes to obtaining information from public records, which are documents that are available to residents of the state, the best place to do this is through the California Public Records Act. It provides for companies in the state to request access to public records. It does not require an explanation of why they need to obtain this information. However, government bodies of all types cannot do this including school districts and others working for the government.
To obtain access to arrest records, it is often best to turn to the California State Police. They can access a database to look for information from across the state. The California Department of Justice is the agency that handles all fingerprinting. For those who need a fingerprint background check, or information about one, this is the agency to turn to in order to gather this information.
Keep in mind, though, that California's laws are recently changed and continue to change. It is illegal for a business owner to ask a variety of questions to a potential applicant or customer. The California Labor Code provides for specific information to be limitedly used by employers or potential employers.

Gathering Other Information

For those who are looking for court records, this is generally available through the Judicial Council of California. This is available only for public records these can be requested for viewing by anyone. However, there is some limitation here. For example, those cases involving a minor or other victimization may not provide direct access to identifying information. The courts do not maintain documents or criminal histories, though.
Arrest records show information related to instances in which police were involved in and for some reason had to arrest an individual. An arrest does not always lead to a charge in a court of law, though. Arrest records can provide a great deal of insight into what occurred in a specific instance. They often provide facts about the events as well as information about who was involved, why it happened, and what the outcome of the situation was. They do not document the court findings or any type of conviction, though. For that, a comprehensive background check is best.
Arrest records in California can be hard to obtain from government agencies to include all details desired. For that, it is often best to turn to a third party website that can provide more information.
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