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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Arkansas
Obtaining an arrest record in Arkansas makes sense for a variety of reasons. For many men and women, this type of document can provide insight into the type of concerns a person has been exposed to over their lifetime. However, it is never easy to obtain arrest records directly. In Arkansas, there are several steps to take to gain access to the arrest record information that you want to use.

What Is Available?

Arrest records in Arkansas provide a great deal of information to those who access them. Law enforcement uses these documents to communicate key information about an event, including what type of probable cause they have. They work very specifically to document what occurred, why it happened, and what facts were available to justify any action taken. Arrest records are used when a public offense occurs. They are available no matter if the individual is eventually charged with the crime or if that never occurs. For this reason, they can be very beneficial in a variety of ways.
Under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, there are several reasons why you should have access to criminal matters and charges. The act, which was first passed in 1967, allows that all citizens should be given the ability to make a request for public records. This includes businesses and corporations in the state. Felons are not allowed to make such requests, though.
There are a variety of records accessible like this beyond arrest records. However, there are numerous types of records and information that no one is allowed to obtain. This includes information that is illegal to report by statute. It includes income tax records, medical records, grand jury minutes, trade secrets, and law enforcement records. Arrest records sometimes can fall in that last category, making them a bit more difficult to obtain.

How to Obtain Arrest Records

To gather this information, individuals should first turn to the Arkansas State Police. This is the most direct way of gathering information about a person across the entire state. However, there are limits to who can do this. This type of background check can only be provided by licensing bureaus as well as school districts, elderly care facilities, child welfare agencies, and some employers. If you do not fall into this area, you may be unable to obtain arrest records or background checks through the state.
You may be able to gather information about an arrest as well as the outcome of the case, by obtaining court records. This is possible to do at the Arkansas Administrator of the Courts website. It is also available at Court Connect.
Keep in mind that obtaining arrest records and background checks is limitedly available. Individuals must have a valid reason to provide access to this information such as verifying identity for employment or screening for felonies for licensing. Individuals cannot gather arrest records directly about any other person. Visiting a local police station may help with some of this. However, some third-party websites do provide a way of gathering this information.
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