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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Arizona
Obtaining information about an arrest record can provide insight into a person's previous experiences whether they have been convicted of a crime or not. However, this information tends to be hard to obtain and limitedly available in many areas. In Arizona, there is some allowance for obtaining access to arrest records, criminal reports, and background checks. However, individuals must state why they need this information as well as have a valid reason for obtaining it.

Getting a Copy of an Arrest Record

Individuals can turn to the Arizona Judicial Branch for information about court cases. There is a portal on the agency's website that allows for individuals to obtain access to court cases. The information thereis available from 177 of the 184 courts in the state. What information will you find at this resource? You'll find information related to any type of criminal court case, those involved, and the outcome of it on record. Some information is limited. For example, information that can identify the victim in some cases, as well as situations in which there are minors involved,are protected from direct public access.
Most arrest records are available to only those who have a need for them. For example, the information is available to those who are conducting a background check for employment. An applicant must sign off to provide for this information they have tobe told that they are being screened for the background check. It is also possible to obtain this information if the individual is trying to obtain a state license of any type. However, individuals routinely cannot gather information about specific arrests easily. Some third-party websites can offer better insight into these options if the public records are not available readily online.

Getting a Copy of Your Own Arrest Record

There are various reasons to obtain a copy of your own arrest record. The primary reason for doing so is to check your background information to ensure it is clear before you apply for a job or sign off on another background check from another person. A criminal history record can bring up a variety of types of claims from misdemeanor charges to felonies. They typically go back about seven years, but options range. The information included here includes any arrest records from those who live in the state as well as those charged with a crime while in the state.
To obtain this information individuals will need to turn to the Arizona Criminal History Records Section. It is a portion of the Central State Repository. Information there is available through a formal request.
For those who need to obtain their Arizona criminal records, public records of other types, or their arrest records, this organization is the ideal choice. However, there are third party websites that may provide access to some information like this. If the information is available in the public domain, this is where you will find it available to you in the easiest manner possible.
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