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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Alaska
Individuals who want to know information about arrest records in Alaska have several options available for obtaining this information. The state allows for individuals to gather information about their own criminal history and arrest records. And, there are other solutions available for gathering information about third-party individuals in some situations. In all cases, it is important to know that only some information is available from a public records search as some information remains protected for the safety of those involved.

Where Can You Obtain Arrest Records?

There are a variety of solutions for gathering arrest records and background checks available. Most of this information is provided through the Alaska Department of Public Safety and the Records and Information division. The state's law, Statute AS 12.62.160 provides that "A person" is given the legal right to gather criminal justice related information. There are some restrictions on who can access information.
The state's laws allow for information to obtained under this law for those who are employers or licensing agencies who are seeking additional information about applicants or for screening processes for those positions. It also allows for this information to be provided to those who may be obtaining a professional to care for dependent adults, such as those who are elderly or disabled, as well as for children when they are seeing caregiving services.
To obtain information in this way, individuals must provide information about the person and submit fingerprints for the information. This is done using the standard FBI fingerprint form. There is also a fee for $20 for this type of check or a $35 fee for a fingerprint-based check.

What Information is Available?

In Alaska, the information included on background checks, arrest records, and criminal records vary by the offense. I general, information to confirm a social security number, address, or other personal identifying information is available. The state also maintains criminal records accessible through a public records search like this for the last seven years. Still, there are provisions on what type of information is provided.
For those who are looking for information regarding jail time or court records, it is possible to gather only public information. The Alaska Department of Corrections can provide information about an individuals presence in the jail system in the state. For court information, this is possible through the Alaska court records offices. The information available is limited to identifying information and background screenings.
The state does not allow individuals to gather information about just anyone. For those who are looking for Alaska criminal records and arrest records for a local department, this type of search is done within that local department. Rules and laws on providing that information vary as well. For those who have a work-related reason to contact for this information, it is possible to gather information about a person that has lived in, worked in, or otherwise was arrested in the state going back seven years. More detailed information may be available through a third party.
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