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How to Obtain Arrest Records in Alabama
When it comes to verifying information about a person, or gathering data about someone you plan to work with, having access to arrest records is quite important. Alabama arrest records are available to the public in most situations. Of course, some information remains sealed, including information about minors. However, it is possible to obtain most information you need online.

Where to Access Alabama Arrest Records

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency handles all types of inquiries about arrest records for those who are living, working, or otherwise arrested in the state of Alabama. It is possible for individuals to obtain their own arrest records and criminal history through this agency. To do so, you will need to sign the Application to Review Alabama Criminal History Record Information that is provided at the ALEA website. It also requires submitting a valid photo identification copy, two fingerprint cards and an administration fee of $25. The application is then mailed to the Records & Identification Division, PO Box 1511 in Montgomery, Alabama 36102-1511.
Employers are also able to obtain some arrest information through the company. This is a background check that is done through the state's website. For an employer to obtain this information, it first must subscribe to the Alabama Background Check System. From there, it is possible to obtain the criminal history of any employee with proper approval. It is not possible to gather this information if you do not have registration at the site.

What About Obtaining Third-Party Arrest Records?

For those who are looking for information about third parties, individuals other than yourself, there are options available to do so through third-party websites. It may be possible to gather information about criminal arrests occurring in the state, court records from all jurisdictions in the state, and Alabama vital records in this way. Background checks are also available through third-party providers.
What type of information is provided on these arrest records? This depends on a variety of factors including the type of record requested and the type of incident. The state does not provide the names or other identifying information of victims for the public to access. The types of records not available include:
  • Records that have to do with confidential by statute, meaning the law forbids the information to be charged
  • Some types of judicial records
  • Information that could impact a person's safety and security
  • Information about public library use
More so, it is important to know that the state allows for public record access for arrest records, but only to the point of reasonable access. That is, it is not possible to request information that is very detailed or that exposes the information of those at risk.
Individuals who request this information will find that it can take several weeks for it to become available. Arrest records may include both misdemeanor charges and felonies as well as punishments for them. Court records can provide more in-depth information about occurrences as well.
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