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Records Directory for Butch Shaffer through Julia Shaffer

Shaffer,Butch in VA - Shaffer,Caleb Shaffer,Caleb M in PA - Shaffer,Cari in IA Shaffer,Carl - Shaffer,Carl L in PA
Shaffer,Carl S - Shaffer,Carol in CA Shaffer,Carol in NY - Shaffer,Carole E in NY Shaffer,Carolyn - Shaffer,Casey
Shaffer,Casey in WV - Shaffer,Caterine in CA Shaffer,Catherine - Shaffer,Cathy in MN Shaffer,Cathy in PA - Shaffer,Chad in LA
Shaffer,Chad A in OH - Shaffer,Charles L in IN Shaffer,Charles L in PA - Shaffer,Charlie in NY Shaffer,Charlie N in MD - Shaffer,Chelsye L in PA
Shaffer,Cher - Shaffer,Cheryl K in CA Shaffer,Cheryl L in FL - Shaffer,Christie A in WV Shaffer,Christie J in PA - Shaffer,Christina N in
Shaffer,Christine in MI - Shaffer,Christy in PA Shaffer,Chuck in CA - Shaffer,Cindy in OH Shaffer,Cindy in PA - Shaffer,Clayton
Shaffer,Clayton M in OH - Shaffer,Clyde H in OH Shaffer,Cnnie in MI - Shaffer,Constance in MI Shaffer,Corey - Shaffer,Courtney
Shaffer,Courtney L in PA - Shaffer,Curtis Shaffer,Cynthia - Shaffer,Cynthia L Shaffer,Cynthia S - Shaffer,Damien
Shaffer,Dane - Shaffer,Daniel T in LA Shaffer,Daniel W in IN - Shaffer,Daphe in PA Shaffer,Daren - Shaffer,Darlene
Shaffer,Darlene F in OH - Shaffer,David in AZ Shaffer,David in MI - Shaffer,David E in FL Shaffer,David G - Shaffer,Dawn in NY
Shaffer,Dawn in OH - Shaffer,Debbi in IL Shaffer,Debbie - Shaffer,Debbie A in CA Shaffer,Deborah - Shaffer,Deirdre in PA
Shaffer,Delbert G in OH - Shaffer,Denise in CA Shaffer,Denise in FL - Shaffer,Dennis in NY Shaffer,Dennis in PA - Shaffer,Dennyjr in TX
Shaffer,Derac G in PA - Shaffer,Destiny in NY Shaffer,Destiny S in MI - Shaffer,Diane in NY Shaffer,Diane in TX - Shaffer,Dixie D in TX
Shaffer,Dollie in PA - Shaffer,Donald Shaffer,Donald in IL - Shaffer,Donald C in NY Shaffer,Donald E - Shaffer,Donald W in OH
Shaffer,Donavon in VA - Shaffer,Donnie in IN Shaffer,Donnie in SC - Shaffer,Dorothea N in CA Shaffer,Dorothy - Shaffer,Douglas
Shaffer,Douglas in CA - Shaffer,Duane M in IA Shaffer,Dustin - Shaffer,Earl in FL Shaffer,Earl in MO - Shaffer,Eddie R in NC
Shaffer,Edgar H in PA - Shaffer,Eileen Shaffer,Elayne in CA - Shaffer,Elizabeth S in PA Shaffer,Ella M in NJ - Shaffer,Emily in IN
Shaffer,Emily in OH - Shaffer,Erica Shaffer,Erich in CA - Shaffer,Ernest in NY Shaffer,Estell in MI - Shaffer,Evelyne in OH
Shaffer,Evenlyn in PA - Shaffer,Flo in MO Shaffer,Flora E in PA - Shaffer,Forrest in WA Shaffer,Fran in CA - Shaffer,Francesca
Shaffer,Frank - Shaffer,Frederick in SC Shaffer,G - Shaffer,Gale L in IN Shaffer,Galen in FL - Shaffer,Gary in NY
Shaffer,Gary in OK - Shaffer,George Shaffer,George in IA - Shaffer,George H in PA Shaffer,George J in PA - Shaffer,Geraldine
Shaffer,Geraldine in TN - Shaffer,Glen Shaffer,Glen in WV - Shaffer,Glenna R in NM Shaffer,Gloria - Shaffer,Greg
Shaffer,Greg in WV - Shaffer,H Shaffer,Hailey - Shaffer,Harold in IL Shaffer,Harold in PA - Shaffer,Harry E
Shaffer,Harry E in VA - Shaffer,Heather L in PA Shaffer,Helen - Shaffer,Henry W Shaffer,Herbert - Shaffer,Hommer in TX
Shaffer,Howard - Shaffer,Howard C in PA Shaffer,Howard C in SC - Shaffer,Howard R in OR Shaffer,Howard R in WA - Shaffer,Irene in OH
Shaffer,Irene A in PA - Shaffer,J Shaffer,Jack B in FL - Shaffer,Jacqueline in IN Shaffer,Jacquline in KY - Shaffer,James B in CA
Shaffer,James C - Shaffer,James O Shaffer,James R - Shaffer,Jane Shaffer,Janece - Shaffer,Janice in GA
Shaffer,Janice A in PA - Shaffer,Jarred in CA Shaffer,Jarvis - Shaffer,Jean Shaffer,Jean in CA - Shaffer,Jeff in AR
Shaffer,Jeff in CA - Shaffer,Jeffery D in IL Shaffer,Jeffery J in PA - Shaffer,Jeffrey R in CA Shaffer,Jeffrey W in CA - Shaffer,Jerel
Shaffer,Jerel in TX - Shaffer,Jerry in CA Shaffer,Jerry in FL - Shaffer,Jerry in WV Shaffer,Jerry D in CO - Shaffer,Jesse W in PA
Shaffer,Jessica - Shaffer,Jimmie Shaffer,Jimmy - Shaffer,Joanne G in FL Shaffer,Jodi in FL - Shaffer,John in PA
Shaffer,John in TN - Shaffer,John D in TN Shaffer,John L in LA - Shaffer,Johnnie in VA Shaffer,Johnnie F in OK - Shaffer,Joseph
Shaffer,Joseph in OH - Shaffer,Joseph V Shaffer,Josephine - Shaffer,Joyce in CO Shaffer,Joyce in VA - Shaffer,Juanita in CA
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